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Kidspace Staff

Kidspace Children’s Museum

480 North Arroyo Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91103
Telephone: (626) 449-9144
Fax: (626) 449-9985

Administration Department

Louise Leddie, Executive Assistant & Receptionist
Ext. 5198

Michael Shanklin, Chief Executive Officer
Ext. 5202

Teri Martin, Accounting & HR Manager
Ext. 5203

Education Department

Anne Pierce, Art Specialist
Ext. 5230

Daniel Ramírez, Education Floor Supervisor
Ext. 5227

Edith Salazar, Spanish Early Childhood Specialist
Ext. 5235

Erin Evans, Education Scheduler
Ext. 5224

Jenna Ervin, Science Specialist
Ext. 5208

Kristen Metzger, Public Programs Manager
Ext. 5201

LaQuan Hayes, Education Floor Supervisor
Ext. 5233

Kelley Benes, Nature Specialist
Ext. 5207

Marco Calderón, Assistant Director of Education
Ext. 5218

Shellie Kalmore, Chief Programs Officer
Ext. 5229


Exhibits Department

Chris Guardia, Facilities Manager
Ext. 5222

Lauren Kaye, Chief Officer of Learning Environments
Ext. 5213

Shawn Silva, Maintenance Technician



Development Department

Christine Franke, Chief Development Officer
Ext. 5211

Katie Lynch-Feige, Institutional Giving Manager
Ext. 5209

Kris Jensen, Donor Relations Manager
Ext. 5228

Operations & Marketing Department

Adri Garcia, Birthday Associate
Ext. 5237

Jes Whittet,
Operations Floor & Recruitment Supervisor
Ext. 5220

Julianne Sando, Events Manager
Ext. 5216

Kathleen Hickey, Membership & Retail Coordinator
Ext. 5231

Kristen Payne, Marketing Manager
Ext. 5210

MaryAnn Viviano, Chief Operations Officer
Ext. 5215

Susan Cardosi-Albert,
Assistant Director of Operations
Ext. 5217

Vince Dominguez,
Operations Floor & Merchandise Supervisor
Ext. 5232