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Bittersweet Good-Bye


So I am going to just rip the metaphorical band-aid off and say it…I am leaving Kidspace. There it is out for the whole world to see. At the end of September I will be leaving Kidspace and moving back to my home town of St. Louis, Mo. While I am super excited to be moving back where family and friends live, back to winter is really exciting and back to where gas is under $2.00; I can’t help but be sad leaving Kidspace and the new friends that have become my family.

Autism Speaks to Kidspace


Perfect Pumpkin Season

It is fall everyone! Also known as pumpkin season in my house. Pumpkins make it feel like fall in Southern California even though it isn’t getting cold and the leaves don’t really change color. Here are some fun ideas to really enjoy this magical fruit.  



Cartoons that Changed My Life


"Springing" with a New Exhibit!


A Global Child

2021 I’m not going to lie, when I moved out to California from the Mid-West, the big change (other than weather) was how many different cultures lived in this area. It was very much a culture shock that not all my neighbors looked like me, or that I could be out places without hearing anyone speak English. It was refreshing and welcomed with open arms, but did catch me off guard. Los Angeles is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States and it does not shy away from its diversity but rather shows a great deal of pride.

Rain Rain Don’t Go Away

Finally, rain! I hope you're all enjoying the rain just as much as we are.  One of the down sides, however, is that we feel like we must keep our kids indoors as it rains. Luckily, it is not too cold (ok remember I am from the mid-west where this is still not jacket weather), and with the right kind of rain gear you can still have fun outside. Hopefully, there is more rain to come over the next couple of months.  Here are some simple but still very fun activities to do this rainy season:

The Importance of a Good Costume

Ever find your child running around using a bath towel as a cape? Or maybe with a kitchen pot on their head acting like a robot? It is a part of every childhood to dress up and pretend to be something different. Maybe something stronger, faster, or kinder. With Halloween just around the corner this is the season for dressing up, but once all the trick-or-treating has come to an end don’t store or throw away those costumes, use them all year long for pretend play!

The Importance of Outdoor Play

1902 For many dirt is one of those 4-letter words that shouldn’t be talked about let alone played in, but playing outside, especially playing in dirt, is an important part of every child’s life. Simply playing outdoors means working on spatial recognition, and learning cause and effect and lots of sensory play, just to name a few important benefits. Thinking back to my childhood, the first thing that pops into my mind is playing in my backyard.

No More “No!”

Here at Kidspace we try our best not to say “No,” trying our best to be positive in everything we do. You may notice we may say “Can we please keep our shoes on?” rather than “You can’t be barefoot,” or “How about we climb sideways on the rock wall?” instead of “Don’t climb over.” Now as a mom, I am already noticing how easy it is to just say “No!” and my son is only 8 months old. After noticing this I asked myself why do I say “no” at home, but not at work?

Why Should We Stop Saying No?