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Kidspace's Circle of Friends

My name is Emily Viola, the Circle of Friends President for the 2015-2016 year. I first got involved with the Circle in 2010 when I was teaching 2nd Grade in San Gabriel. Even though I did not have kids at the time, I joined the Circle because I wanted an opportunity to be involved in the community. I knew my husband and I would start a family soon and being involved in Kidspace was a perfect fit given my teaching background.

Kidspace Invites Supporters to Help Meet $200,000 Ann Peppers Foundation Challenge

2051 Robert & Mary Galvin Physics Forest, opened July 2012

Kidspace's Letter to Santa

One of our Educators found this today on the bridge above the Arroyo. It’s a nice place to look out and see the whole Museum and think big thoughts. We hope we can get this to the right people in time for Christmas.

Dear Santa,

How are you? Is it cold up there at the North Pole? It was pretty chilly here in Pasadena last week, but it’s a nice 75 degrees today just like it is supposed to be here for Christmas. And that’s good because it means there are lots of kids here today having fun playing and learning.

Mark Your Calendars for Giving Tuesday

I have a confession to make – I have never participated in any post-Thanksgiving, Black Friday-related shopping frenzy activities. Almost every year, Thanksgiving has meant a trip to my grandparents hundreds of miles away in Northern California. When I was a little girl we quite literally went “over the river and through the woods” to get to their home, as the song says. There was nowhere to line up and rush the doors for the first great deal on Friday morning.

The Perfect Pair: Marilyn and Jud Roberts

1348 Marilyn & Jud RobertsJud and Marilyn Roberts are the perfect pair in so many ways, particularly in their devotion to each other and their commitment to community and philanthropy. The role they played in the early years of Kidspace Children’s Museum and their continued commitment were monumental in shaping the institution, and their 62 year story of passion for life and learning is a model for us all.

Saving for Your Child’s Future College Costs with ScholarShare

1276 The 2013-14 school year is quickly approaching, which means your child is one more year closer to attending college. That’s right – college!

Another Great Year at Kidspace

736 This has been an exciting year at Kidspace! Not only did we open the Galvin Physics Forest, but we made the bold leap to tell the world that this was just the first (albeit grand) step in a Campaign to improve the Kidspace experience – new exhibits, new amenities, new programs. We have a simple goal. We want to reach the full potential that everyone saw when they moved the Museum to Brookside Park back in 2004. To do all of this the Board of Directors decided a few years ago that we needed to raise some new funds. They set the goal at $13 million.

A Thanksgiving Trip Home

As a kid growing up in the Pasadena area in the 1980s, Kidspace was a well-known part of my world. It was definitely the highlight of the field trip season and the experiences we had made a lasting impression. When my high school curriculum required me to volunteer at a local nonprofit my first thought was Kidspace, and I was fortunate enough to be accepted. While memories of dates and timelines are now fuzzy as I get further and further away from those years, I know I spent the better part of a year with Kidspace, eventually joining the team as a paid part-time employee.

Thanks to the Junior League of Pasadena

“A children’s hands-on museum is a learn-by-doing, participatory environment with displays that invite touching, testing, and exploring. By giving children the opportunity to explore, they learn how to learn.”