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Kidspace is a Passport to Success Destination!

Now that summer has begun it is time to face the truth once more: the kids are home all day, every day! Now you switch from being a taxi driver in the 2967 mornings to being a tour guide and activities director for your children. It seems like you have to come up with great activities every day to keep them busy, engaged, and having fun. It is easy to forget in all that excitement that the infamous “summer slide” is a real thing.

The Magic of Outdoor Play

Does a favorite song take you back to the first time and place you heard it? Does the smell of a baking cake remind you of your birthday? Does the feel of 2954 sand between your toes remind you of sun filled days at the beach?

Let the Summer Learning Begin!

2945 Summer break is upon us, an opportunity for playdates, family vacations, swimming pools, ice cream cones, and backyard BBQs. All the makings for cherished childhood memories. However, to the horror of teachers’ and parents’ alike, the summer can also be a time when some of what was learned during the school year is lost. Additionally, each summer a child isn’t learning has a cumulative effect that has a long-term impact on a student’s overall performance in school. EEK!

Family Guide to Arroyo Seco Weekend

Music runs through my blood. I grew up with several relatives in "the biz." I remember my first concert was Gary Puckett and the Union Gap at Sea World at the tender age of two! Since then, music has had a very important role in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. With over 400 concerts under my belt, ranging from small local bands to producing showcases for large corporations with major headliners, I like to consider myself a music aficionado.

Behind the Scenes with Kelley and Sherman


What's a Wonderbox?


Butterflies like Puddles Too!


Butterflies drink by “puddling”, sipping at shallow puddles of water in mud or sand. Male Butterflies need extra minerals and enjoy mud puddles. The extra sodium and amino acids are transferred to the female during mating. This nutrition enhances the survival rate of the eggs. The minerals also help in the production of pheromones which attract females. Fill Butterfly Puddler with water and set near butterfly friendly plants.

Behind the Scenes at Insect Lore

2900 Have you ever wondered where the caterpillars you adopt at Kidspace come from? Wonder no more -introducing Insect Lore! Delivering caterpillars by mail since 1969, Entomologist Carlos White and his wife, Pat, wanted to bring the joy of metamorphosis to kids and adults all over the United States. The Whites chose Painted Lady Butterflies because they can be found on every continent, except Antarctica!

Performer Spotlight: Ed Sussman

On April 4th Kidspace will be free to the public from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for Free Family Night. This month we are sharing our love of 2892 Science Fiction by dressing as our favorite Sci-Fi characters, traveling the stars in our new Discovery Dome, and experiencing a live Theremin performance. We’d like you to meet Ed Sussman, a Los Angeles artist and Theremin player, who will be appearing at Kidspace for Science Fiction Free Family Night!