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Behind The Scenes: Build Your Own Butterfly Habitat

Butterfly Habitat or Bungalow


  • Shoebox or small box
  • Craft supplies - scissors, crayons, tape, construction paper, stickers, etc.
  • Small branch or stick (that can fit in your box)
  • Plastic wrap or netting


Spring Camp; The Proof is in the Pellet


It is almost time for spring camp! This year we will be exploring the messy side of art, science, food, and nature. I am the Nature Specialist2880 at Kidspace, so, naturally, I am very excited about exploring the messy side of nature. Nature can be stoic, serene, pristine, peaceful, and very beautiful at times, but sometimes we can see another side. It can be ooey, gooey, gross, and utterly messy.

Rain, Rain, Let’s Get Out And Play!

2869 Ask any child what makes them happy, and likely TOYS will be on top of their list.  Aside from pure joy, toys also foster experimentation, imaginative play, and social interaction.  Given the value of these coveted childhood possessions, should parents shower their kids with as many toys as they can afford?  While most children would answer a resounding YES, studies have shown that less is often better.

Holiday Membership Magic

The Holiday Season can be a magical, and also busy time of year. If you’re a long time Kidspace Member, or if you have just joined us, here are some tips and tricks to make the most of your Kidspace Membership. 

Back to School: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Summer is Coming!


I Don't Like It!