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Avoiding the Five Alarm Fits!

If your child has never thrown a “Five Alarm Fit” you can stop reading now, this blog post is not for you.  For the rest of us, mortal parents, who have been on the losing end of a child’s fit because they do not want to leave their favorite place, this post is for you! 

Not So Undercover Boss

1400 Michael Shanklin, Kidspace CEOA few weeks ago, I spent the entire day at Kidspace as a Museum Educator rotating through the various exhibits and helping create a great guest experience.  I am sure you have seen our Educators before, proudly wearing their green shirts as they educate, promote fun, and help shape the overall guest experience.  I started my career in museum education, so it was a treat to directly reconnect with our guests again.  In my “Not So Undercover Boss” mode, I learned a lot from our Museum Educators and experienced our exhibits in new ways.

Michael’s Read to Your Children Challenge

1257 Oh the Places You'll Go | SeussAs I reflect on my relationship with my two children, now fourteen and twelve, I think about where I have invested my time with them and where I have seen the biggest payoffs.  Without a doubt, the time I have spent reading to them at bedtime is in my top two or three.  My wife and I are both avid readers and wanted to instill a love of reading in our children so we made a clear choice when they were young to spend time each night reading to them.  We started reading to them shortly after they were born and continue to do so fourteen years later.&

Education Revolution on the Horizon?

1039 As parents we all want the very best education for our children.  Sometimes education takes place in a formal school setting.  Sometimes it takes place at home, on a hike, or at a museum like Kidspace.  Think about your childhood and recall when did you really enjoy learning?  Do you remember learning being fun?  In the ideal educational setting, learning should be fun.        

The Best of 2012 from CEO Michael Shanklin

Happy New Year’s Eve to everyone from Kidspace!  It seems like this year has flown by.  I blinked and it is almost gone.  In the spirit of reflecting on 2012, I wanted to offer my personal Top Ten 2012 Kidspace Moments!

10. Being the Principle for a day at Jackson Elementary School—This was such a great opportunity to connect with our community, see the great work being done by Principle Rita Exposito and her team of educators. 

Stay Curious My Friends

541 The Shanklin FamilyMy family is deeply committed to one another, to learning, and to fun.  My wife and I have been married for close to eighteen years and at one point were both teachers.  Our two children, ages thirteen and ten, are mini versions of us and keep us laughing.  Dinner time for us is a big deal.  Despite busy schedules we try to have face to face dinners around our kitchen table at least four or five times a week, sometimes substituting the BBQ and pool. 

Kidspace and the Law of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion states that an object in motion will stay in motion, will keep moving forward, until something tries to slow it down.  After the last few months, it feels like nothing can slow us down here at Kidspace. Everything is moving forward, and I am so excited about the direction we are headed.

Looking Forward