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Make the Most of Summer Family Outings

2685 c.1980: Anne & Family at Olvera Street

Trips to museums, the zoo, and outdoor concerts are fantastic summertime experiences for the entire family.  Taking the entire family to a fine art museum or concert in the park can be a formative and positive experience.  Many of my favorite childhood memories are of visiting museums and local landmarks with my family.  I’ve worked in museums, theme parks, and theaters for most of my career and I hope these simple tips can help you make the most of your family outings.

Caterpillar Defenses

Like many animals and bugs in the world, caterpillars and butterflies in the wild are in danger from predators. Caterpillars in particular, rich in protein for carnivorous creatures, are slow moving and abundant which makes them an easy target for such predators as birds, spiders, yellow jackets, beetles, or even humans!

Caterpillar Traditions


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Why Do We Build?


It’s in our nature. For centuries, humans have been building structures, families, careers, technology, and on and on. It starts very early, sometimes called the builder-instinct in the toy design world, in our young learners. The curiosity that sparks the first “building-blocks” of their lives can set them on a path of building for their future success. Literally, building blocks are a key ingredient to early play and development!

2253 Tree Blocks

Coolest Gifts for Kids!

2578 Cubebot

Baby Sign Language: Bridging the Gap between You and Your Child

1610 The internal world of another adult is hard enough to navigate so how are we supposed to navigate the internal world of our children and babies? There is an intrinsic need to communicate to others, for survival, comfort and for plain relationship building.  The ways in which we communicate with our cohorts just won’t cut it with our babies.  Luckily, all humans have a common language of gesture.

Busy Bee Best Sellers List

Here we are only halfway through the year, and we at the Busy Bee Learning Store are getting ready for the holidays! Now is the time that we evaluate the best sellers so far in 2013, place a ton of reorders, and also figure out what's going to be a hit during holiday shopping. Since so many of you rely on our specialty and educational products for birthday and holiday gifts, we wanted to keep you updated on the items both kids and parents have been going bonkers over in the store, and also give you a sneak peek at a few new items we will receive especially for the holiday season!

Why Do We Build?

Children's toys offer various skill building opportunities from creativity and problem solving to cooperation and logic. Of course they are fun, but as parents, teachers, and caregivers, we can help kids select a variety of toys and books that help increase their abilities and ultimately their "smarts."  Dr. Howard Gardner of Harvard, known for his theory of Multiple Intelligences, believes there are eight different abillities in which a person can be smart: Which do you think are your strengths?

Meet the Team at the Busy Bee Learning Store

Have you shopped at the Busy Bee Learning Store at Kidspace?  The store is a way to take a piece of the Kidspace experience home and continue the interactive learning of our exhibits. Sales in the store help support the museum while serving as an educational resource for our guests, but most of all, the store is FUN!