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The Spot Gourmet & Healthy Options at the Kidspace Cafe

Have you dined at the Kidspace Cafe operated by The Spot Gourmet?

Toy Fair and What's New for 2013

912 Allosaurus Skull Toy Fair DisplayAs a children's toy and book buyer, I am always on the search for the next best seller and the items that align with the Kidspace mission, programming, and exhibits.  To find what's new, read the new picture books, and to test all the products, there is much work to be done.

Dig into Science with our Favorite Educational Products

The Busy Bee Learning Store at Kidspace is a great resource for parents and teachers to find science kits for your kids.  Since children have a natural sense of curiosity and enjoy exploring the world around them, science and nature kits are essential in fostering that interest and is also a perfect way to engage your child in quality time.  From first science experiements to testing physics concepts, we want to help supplement your child's education outside the classroom, and after a day of exploring at Kidspace we want you to be able to take a "piece of the exhibits" home.

The Importance of Teaching with Live Animals

461 Children love animals, and Kidspace knows this first hand.  Our guests are always fascinated when one of the Kidspace critters comes out for an “Animal Encounter”. Showing animals like ‘Ozzy’ the Bearded Dragon, ‘Baldwin’ the Ball Python or ‘Rosie’ the Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula goes beyond Kidspace staff just letting children touch and say “hi”. It encourages children’s interest in the natural world and introduces them to exotic animals that they may not see otherwise.

Busy Buzzy Bee's Favorite Things!

The Busy Bee Learning Store is an extension of the Museum that allows families a chance to take a piece of Kidspace home.  We want to be a resource for you in finding the right toys, games, and books that engage your children and also stimulate learning and play.  The themes you will find on our store displays are related to Kidspace exhibits and programs; everything from the Water Vortex and Bee & Butterfly Garden, to the Early Childhood Learning Center and Live Animal & Bug Collection.


Caterpillars and Butterflies Galore!

The 16th Annual Butterfly Festival just came to a close at Kidspace.  Every March, the festival starts with our famous Caterpillar Adoption Days.  Families adopt 315 Butterfly Release 2012small caterpillars or larvae and watch them eat, grow, form a chrysalis, and eventally become an adult butterfly.  Thanks to our amazing guests and Kidspace members who participated during this six week program, over 8,200 caterpillars were given names, loving homes, and then sent out into the world to polinate and make all of our gardens a little bit brighter.

The Star Pupae: Chrysalis and Cocoon

As it is Caterpillar Adoption season at Kidspace, we get lots of visitors who come through the Nature Exchange excited to see all the stages of the butterfly life cycle.  Often the pupa stage is observed with a gleeful shout of “cocoon.”  It is a common mistake, one made even by the very popular book “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” 

We get use to sharing with guests that we have Painted Lady butterflies who, like all butterflies, form a chrysalis between their caterpillar and butterfly stages.  If a caterpillar makes a cocoon, it will emerge as a moth.

Camp: Creating a Love of the Outdoors

Back in the spring of 1991 I was getting ready to spend a week at an outdoor education camp near Big Bear, CA. The camp was built267 in the science curriculum of my school and the goal was to give kids a practical hands-on understanding of the world around them. The topics that were set to be covered during the camp varied from geology to entomology, botany to forest ecology with some astronomy thrown into the mix for good measure.  I was not looking forward to it.

Physics Forest Grand Opening July 12th

Wheels will roll, bottles blast and balls fly when guests experiment with the forces that define the shape of our natural world.  Finally the greatly anticipated outdoor exhibit space, Physics Forest at Kidspace Children's Museum, will open on Thursday July 12th. 

Spring Time is Caterpillar Time

Kidspace’s annual caterpillar adoption is underway!  Caterpillars may be the easiest pet your kids will ever want to take home.  Take advantage of this magical program to teach children about the natural world and observe the stages of metamorphosis.259

Stage 1: Egg


Stage 2: Caterpillar/Larvae


Stage 3: Chrysalis/Pupa


Stage 4: Butterfly



What to expect?