‘Tis the Season for Holiday Crafts

1501 Keeping little toddler minds and hands stimulated in a productive and preferably non-destructive way is quite a feat.  Especially during cold and flu season when more often than not my kids have the sniffles and we are trying our best to get them well without passing along germs to other young ones by going out.  Holiday crafts are one such way to keep everyone happy and add a little decorative cheer to your home at the same time.

iVillage.com has a lot of great craft ideas to pick from.  Some favorites that are particularly good for toddlers include ….

  • 1502 Wreath Making (Real or Paper):  For a real wreath, take the entire family on a winter scavenger hunt by collecting pinecones and evergreen branches.  Assemble and attach to a foam or wire ring.  Kids can add the final touches by decorating with bows and ornaments. Paper wreaths are just as much fun.  Trace your children’s hands on whatever color construction paper or felt that you’d like, between 10 to 15 handprints depending on how large you’d like it to be.  The cut outs can be attached to cardboard.  Then let the decorating begin with glitter glue, pom-pom ornaments, bows and whatever else you can think of.
  • Holiday Cookies:  What child doesn’t like to make cookies during the holidays, from the cookie dough tasting to sprinkles on top, what’s not to love?  This is one of those activities that is good almost for any age.  Younger kids can add pre-measured ingredients, stir the bowl, and wait 1503 impatiently for the cookies to cool.  The older kids may even be able to lead the whole process from start to finish, with a little adult supervision of course.
  • Fruity Garland:  A fruit loops garland is preferred over popcorn as typically a needle is involved.  Not necessary with fruit loops as it can be threaded using yarn.  Simply knot one end, start stringing cereal onto the yarn to the desired length and tie off.  Warning … be prepared for a lot of fruit loops to mysteriously go missing.  
  • Clay Ornaments:  Roll out clay, make preferred shapes with cookie cutters, make a small hole in the top, let dry overnight and then paint, thread ribbon or yarn through 1504 and now you have a wonderfully perfect, homemade ornament for your tree. 
  • Donate:  No matter what age your child is, it is never too early to start educating them about the importance of giving back.  Have your tot help you shop for a toy or two to donate to a local toy drive.  Since your child is likely to get a visit from Santa this year, have them go through their toy box and select some gently used toys to be given to charity.

For these and other ideas, visit iVillage.com to see a listing of 22 easy holiday crafts.


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