Kidspace's Letter to Santa

One of our Educators found this today on the bridge above the Arroyo. It’s a nice place to look out and see the whole Museum and think big thoughts. We hope we can get this to the right people in time for Christmas.

Dear Santa,

How are you? Is it cold up there at the North Pole? It was pretty chilly here in Pasadena last week, but it’s a nice 75 degrees today just like it is supposed to be here for Christmas. And that’s good because it means there are lots of kids here today having fun playing and learning.

1542 I wanted to say thank you for all the gifts this past year. I still hadn’t gotten over the gift of the Galvin Physics Forest last year, and then this year I got the new Imagination Workshop, the I-Play Zone blocks, a new home in the store for the super cool Water Vortex, a great Caterpillar Adoption month and a super fantastic Pumpkin Festival, and some great new team members who are definitely keeping me on my toes with all of their great new ideas! Of course, the biggest thing I am thankful for are all the kids who we got to see and teach and inspire this year. More than any other year! Weekdays and weekends, camps and classes and workshops, field trips and school site visits – it’s been amazing! I know you had lots of friends who helped make all of these great things happen, so please tell them thank you, too.

Since there are so many kids coming to visit us all the time now, there are a few things I wanted to ask for this Christmas so that maybe next year is even better than this year. Anything you could do to help out would be swell.

  1. I would really love something new to see and do up here in the Gardens. It seems to be everybody’s favorite spot and I bet we’ve got a lot more to teach kids out here under the trees.
  2. It would be great if all of the babies and toddlers who come see us could have some new exhibits to explore and grow with in the Early Childhood Learning Center. I hear the team may already have plans for this and for the Gardens so if you could send them any support and inspiration that would be perfect!
  3. Supplies for the Imagination Workshop. The kids really are enjoying building and taking things apart so any spare parts you might have in your workshop would be great!
  4. More artists and performers to be part of our Free Family Nights and maybe a friend or two to help sponsor these wonderful evenings.
  5. New friends to help spread the word about all the exciting things we have going on, to bring more children up the Kaleidoscope, and to help us keep growing.

Thank you for your generosity and for putting children first this time of year. We just want to keep doing the best we can here, too. Say hi to Mrs. Claus and the reindeer. Let Dasher and the crew know that we would love to have them come visit for Snow Days some year soon.




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Erica Blodgett, Director of Development, joined Kidspace in 2012.  She holds a master’s degree in Development Management and served as the Development and Communications Director for the Violence Intervention Program prior to joining the Museum.