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by: mleasor
Thursday 29th , 2015

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2058 I’m extremely proud and excited to announce that at the Spring Art Night Pasadena, March 13th 2015 at 6:45 PM, Patty Shukla will return to Kidspace to perform a free (yes, I sad free) concert for Art Night Pasadena goers. Art Night Pasadena is free and open to the public. For more information about Art Night Pasadena itself visit and  Patty’s shows are extremely entertaining, educational and fun. If you aren’t familiar with this children’s artist sensation, I urge you to go to her YouTube channel and check her out at Even better, come out to enjoy Kidspace and the various stops on the Art Night tour!

Patty Shukla is an award winning children’s musician with a bachelor’s degree in musical theater.  She performs over 200 shows yearly for thousands of children nationwide.  He educational music show is based on core curriculum and is composed of all original music.  Her songs are being used by teachers in elementary schools worldwide through her YouTube channel.  She has over 100 million views on her youtube channel. 

2060 A mother of three, Patty Shukla has come a long way since Treasure Coast Parenting first discovered her five years ago just as her first CD launched and skyrocketed to the top 10 children’s music CD’s on “Miss Patty,” as her fans call her, has had a love of music her whole life. She started recording music at only thirteen years of age, received a degree in theater and had been performing full-time for over 15 years for weddings, corporate events and clubs when something magical happened in the fall of 2009. At that time, Shukla’s two children, Sage and Emma were ages 3 and 6 years old. Patty began writing children’s songs as she played with them. Word got out, and the following month Shukla was asked to perform a concert at a local gym for families and children of all ages. “As I began to prepare for the show, I realized that I could incorporate my own original action songs with today’s TV songs and create a unique, interactive show,” said Shukla. The show was a huge success and inspired her to change course in her career path to include performances at weekly Mommy & Me classes, local libraries and events focused on children and families.

2061 “I was bit by the children’s music bug and I couldn’t stop writing songs and having fun through my music,” said Shukla. Her first CD of all original music “Play with Me, Sing with Me” was released in the spring of 2010 and has been a huge success. “The new outlet for my music was (and still is) so special to my heart because it involves my children along with my true values. I believe that it is important to be teaching our children interactive, educational and fun songs that bring the whole family together.” Shukla realized the impact educational music made on her own children and how quickly they learned. She began researching the core curriculum for preschool and elementary students, and drew her inspiration from those development milestones. What makes Shukla’s songs so popular is the fact that all of the songs she records are original. She writes catchy music in a variety of upbeat styles with simple lyrics so that children can sing and dance along. She has songs about shapes, colors, textures, left and right, helping verbs, counting, using your imagination, sign language and much more. From

So join us for Pasadena Art Night on March 13th 2015 from 6-8pm. The performance will be at 6:45 PM and come sing along! 


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Mark Leasor, Arts Education Specialist, has been a part of informal, hands-on education for 15 years, including nine years at COSI Toledo and six years at Kidspace. He holds an MFA in Fine Art from OTIS College and a BA in Studio Art and BFA in Theatre from the University of Toledo.