Digging Deeper Exhibit Gallery


Bugsy's Diner

In Bugsy's Diner, learn about the anatomy and feeding habits of insects and take down some recipe ideas from “The Bug Food Channel,” such as baby bee dip, banana worm bread, or roasted cricket pizza.



Bug Inn & Dark Room

Step right “inn” for a chance to see the world from a bug’s point of view, furnished with large-scale everyday objects and several residents from our Live Animal Collection.



Nature Exchange

Calling all naturalists and geologists! Research and trade natural items found in your backyard or perhaps at the beach at Kidspace’s Nature Exchange such as rocks, minerals and plant specimens. Then earn points to redeem cool stuff from the Kidspace collection!



Flutterby's Art Center

Did you know that nature is one big work of art, just like a painting you’d see at an art museum? Stop by Flutterby’s Art Center to create your own masterpiece.



The Dig

Uncover plant and animal fossils native to the arroyo and discover past life forms. Play the part of a paleontologist, while you investigate the dig site. And make sure to stop by the life size vintage utility vehicle.



Climbing Towers

Climb 40-feet up for a bird’s eye view of Kidspace and the Arroyo Seco area when families take the challenge of the Raindrop and Wisteria Climbers.



The Ant Hole & Inter-Antics Climber

Join the ant colony and crawl through the weaving ant tunnel, only to emerge from underground and climb 17 feet up the Inter-Antics leaf structure.



The Water Vortex

Learn about a mighty force of nature at our Water Vortex! Turn the wheel to make the whirlpool smaller or larger.



The Erosion Table

Want to know what causes changes to the earth’s surface?  Solids are naturally transported across the surface of the earth and experience the effects of Splash Erosion.