Bug Inn & Dark Room

Step right “inn” for a chance to see the world from a bug’s point of view, furnished with large-scale everyday objects such as the wall of giant pencils and the table made of bottle caps.

Meet several residents from our Live Animal Collection including the Kidspace Bee Hive!  Follow the queen bee around the hive and watch how the colony communicates when sending worker bees out to the Kidspace gardens in search of nectar.

107 Observe some of your favorite bugs in their homes like Rosie, the Rose Haired Tarantula, or Millie, the Millipede, or Maddie, the giant hissing cockroach.  But look closely, some of these creatures blend into their environments.  Ask a Kidspace Educator what bugs and insects do for us, about their anatomy and what they eat.

Grab a flashlight and explore the Dark Room which houses the nocturnal creatures including one of our newest additions Goldie, the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantula.  Also look for the Emperor Scorpion and Praying Mantis!