Bugsy's Diner


Venture into the fascinating world of insects and experience how these amazing little creatures take care of all their dining needs. Interact with giant bug replicas and help serve some very hungry patrons at this diner just for bugs!

This exhibit gives children the opportunity to role-play at serving different dishes from the Bugsy Diner menu as they learn how and what bugs eat. An interactive monitor features a hungry bug who insists on being fed and asks children to give him his favorite combination plate, such as the Poo Poo Platter, while two giant bug replicas sit in the corner and watch kids scramble around trying to serve every hungry customer. Children can even be able to slip into the role of a giant bug by wearing insect arms and playing with their food!

Children will discover a self-sustaining eco-system under the kitchen sink, opening an entrance into the private lives of insects and bugs. Learn recipe ideas from the “The Bug Food Channel” video such as baby bee dip, banana worm bread, or roasted cricket pizza.


Hungry bug patrons receiving their appetizers.


No time to waste! Have too many tables to serve!


Ketchup with your bug fries?


Eat with a bug buddy.