Kidspace Gardens

163 Take a stroll through our two acres of gardens that surround Kidspace’s Interpretive Arroyo and Wildlife Pond. Designed by internationally recognized landscape artist Nancy Goslee Power, come discover plants native to the Arroyo setting, feel bumpy and fuzzy bushes, and learn how to attract butterflies.

Bee and Butterfly Garden

Plants such as buddleias and salvias attract butterflies and bees. Ask a Kidspace educator about pollination and how to do a scientific drawing!

Bumpy Fuzzy Garden

A collection of fun, textural plants, such as Kangaroo Paws, Lion’s Tail, and Lamb’s Ears, will invite children to touch and investigate.

Hedge Maze

Wind your way through our young hedge maze. Children will watch these plants develop as they memorize the path from start to finish.

Redwood Forest

Woodland ferns, native lilies, bulbs and giant coral bells are planted around the Rootwad and Redwood Grove discovery loop, an open area in the middle of the Forest.

Trumpet Vine Tunnel

A covered archway with trumpet and grape vines is the entrance to a hidden walkway leading passed the Spider Web Climber, Medicinal Garden, and the Arroyo.