Group Discovery Programs

When you visit Kidspace with your group of 15 children or more your experience through the museum will be a Self-guided adventure.  The museum is designed for guests to explore at their own pace. 


The cost of this Self-guided visit is $10 per student.  If you want to enhance your visit by adding an educational program your cost will increase only by $2 per child.  

These Discovery Programs are short educational programs that are done exclusively for your group at a scheduled time during your visit.  Before and after the program your group is free to explore the museum on their own. 


The Discovery Programs are divided into three general subjects arranged here from upper grades to lower grades:

  • Art

  • Physics and S.T.E.M.

  • Life Science

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Abstract Rhythms— Grades 1 to 2
45 Minutes
Experiment with the dynamics of rhythm and how it relates to movement, as well as how tempo can even influence the act of painting.  Through a music-led group mural project, this program inspires students to connect the dots between innovation, collaboration and creativity, and discover that art consists of so much more than just visual art.

Chumash Cave Painting—Grades K to 4
45 Minutes
Explore how art has been used through time to communicate and tell stories.  Students will investigate how the Chumash lived and produced cave paintings to tell their stories using natural materials.  They will crush rocks to make paint to tell stories of their own and create a "cave painting."

Messy Music— PreK & K 
30 Minutes
Using various instruments, experiment with rhythm and explore how our bodies move to various tempos.  Students will discover non-traditional ways to create art by painting their own creatively-messy group mural to the beat of these musical rhythms. 

Surrealist Expressions—Grades 3 to 6
45 Minutes
Investigate the bizarre works of Salvador Dali's melting clock, Hannah Hoch's human monsters, and Rene Magritte's falling apples.  Explore the wonderful world of dreams and fantasy through the strange art movement of Surrealism.  Students will work together to imagine and create a whimsical creature and design their own surrealist collage.  Their creativity will be ignited as they question the definition of art while pushing the boundaries of artistic self-expression.

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Nanotechnology—Grades 4 to 8
45 Minutes
Delve into the world of nanotechnology and explore how miniscule science is changing the world around us.  Play with and manipulate strange materials to discover how tiny structures influence big materials.  Through a series of experiments, students will discover how nanotechnology is being used in the devices and systems that make up modern life, and ponder what this means for the future of technology and human development.

Fantastic Physics—Grades 2 to 4
45 Minutes
Superheroes are not real, but could they be?  Harnessing the power of knowledge students will give themselves "super powers" for a day.  They will engage in a series of activities to make objects float, fly, disappear and even explode!  Discover the science of the impossible while exploring how energy is transferred and transformed in the world around us.

Fit Physics—Grades 4 to 8
45 Minutes
Discover the how and the why of human movement through the power of physics.  Students will explore advanced concepts around force and movement through the games we are all familiar with and explore the forces acting on a flying football, a spinning ballerina, or a swinging bat.  Throughout the program, they will explore the world of physics through hands-on activities and interactions with the exhibits in our Galvin Physics Forest.

Fun Physics—Grades K to 2
30 Minutes
Discover energy in all of its many amazing forms as it changes, moves and transforms.  Students will explore simple machines that have helped engineer the world around us.  They will build and discover as they work to create their own "Chain Reaction" machine. 

Squishy Electricity—Grades 1 to 4
30 Minutes
In this exploration inspired by our Imagination Workshop, students will be challenged to think creatively about the materials given to them while learning the ins and outs of building circuits in a fun and safe manner.  Participants will create fabulous sculptures that light-up, beep, and spin.  Problem solving, critical thinking and experimentation will "light up" students' imaginations

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Amazing Arthropods—PreK to 1
30 Minutes
While guided through a comparison of insect and arachnid anatomy, explore the key traits that help us distinguish even the trickiest bugs.  Using their "scientist eyes", students will meet, observe and touch some of our live animal specimens.

Caterpillar to Butterfly
45 Minutes
Learn how caterpillars and butterflies use naturally selected adaptations such as cryptic coloring, stinky smells, mimicry, and false heads to defend themselves against predators and survive in diverse environments. 

Digging Up the Tyrannosaurus Rex—Grades Pre-K to 4
45 Minutes
Become apprentice paleontologists, and journey back in time by examining prehistoric clues.  Students will discover what dinosaurs ate, and how they hunted by studying fossil remains.  They will work as a team to dig up and piece together a model of a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton.

Eco Friends & Enemies—Grade 3 to 6
45 Minutes
Explore the fascinating ways animals and plants avoid getting eaten by living in herds, becoming parasites, or changing the landscape of their habitats.  Students will solve the mystery of who is their eco friend and who is their eco enemy through role playing. They will ultimately come to understand the big picture of ecological interdependence and our role as humans. 

Exploring an Ecosystem—Grade K to 2
30 Minutes
Explore the Kidspace wildlife pond and discover how the plants and animals all connect to form a food web.  Students will take an in-depth look at ecosystems around the world, and examine what makes them so different and yet so similar.  They will then investigate what factors can weaken and ecosystem and what can be done to help restore it.

Food's Fantastic Journey—Grade 1 to 4
45 Minutes
Take a trip with us down the digestive system and watch as students transform into elements of a healthy meal that get broken down and used by the body.  Using USDA guidelines, students will investigate the science behind which foods are useful to specific parts of their bodies and why.  Finally, students will put their muscles to the test as they explore the importance of exercise in healthy digestion and growth.

Victorious Vertebrates—Grades 2-4
45 Minutes
Explore the difference between warm blooded and cold blooded animals by comparing mammals, birds, fish and reptiles and spending some time with critters from the Kidspace Live Animal Collection.  Students will discover how a beneficial adaptation in one environment can become a dangerous disadvantage in another.  Finally, they will explore the implications of climate change for all our vertebrate friends. 

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All Field Trips are booked on a first-come first-served basis.  Please fill out a Group Reservation Request Form if you would like to visit with your group.


Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express) or by check. Admission passes, discount coupons or Kidspace memberships may not be applied towards group visit payment. Kidspace does NOT accept Purchase Orders (POs). Mail payment with invoice to: Kidspace Children’s Museum, 480 N. Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91103.

Full payment must be received no later than 14 days prior to your scheduled visit date. If payment is not received at this time, your visit will be subject to cancellation. No payment or adjustment to your group count will be made on the day of your visit. Kidspace cannot refund groups for guests that do not arrive on the day of the visit.


Contact Marco Calderón, Assistant Director of Programs, at or (626) 449-9144, ext. 5218.