Kidspace On The Road


Kidspace Children's Museum can now come to your group site! 



  • Each program is up to 90 minutes long
  • The fee is $375 for up to 90 minutes of programming.  Each additional half hour is $100.
  • Reservations must be made at least 3 weeks prior
  • Full payment is due on day of service.  Must confirm 14 days prior to avoid cancellation.
  • Each program is designed for a maximum of 30 students.*
  • All programs are available year round seven days a week.
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Native Nurturers
Pre-K to 2nd Grade
Available Year Round
Get to know your local native plants with our hands on environmental science program. Designed to illustrate the variety of relationships that exist within an eco-system, Native Nurturers will inspire wonder while cultivating the young naturalist. Best of all, children will learn about our plant and animal friends closest to home, bringing a sense of immediacy and relevance to the content. Plant native wildflowers, find out what unique decomposers live near you, and learn about how we can help the California condor thrive again. We will also incorporate some dramatic play that will allow children to take on the role of nurturer and feel a sense of competence and empowerment.

Imagination Playground™
PreK to 8th Grade
Available Year Round
We bring a truckload of large blue building blocks and you supply the curious minds!

Our staff will guide your students through an open-ended, hands-on process that will inspire them to create and build. They will construct imaginary houses, factories, cities, and more while learning the basic principles of building and engineering in a manner that would make any constructivist proud. Their imagination will be their guide as they experience a unique world of their very own making, through play that promotes learning, social development, movement, and above all fun!

Animal Encounters
PreK to 8th Grade
Available Year Round
Spend time with members of the Kidspace Live Animal Collection. 

Discover more than you ever thought possible. From arthropods to reptiles, there’s an animal for you. Utilizing an inquiry-based approach, we’ll uncover what makes our animals so unique and come to realize we even share things in common with our new friends. And yes, you will be able to touch (there are a few exceptions of course)!

Electric Playground
Kinder to 3rd Grade
Let’s illuminate the possibilities!

Children will uncover the exciting world of electrons and conductors. Instructors will guide them through the creation of circuits that light up, beep, and generate movement. Children will also harness the power of wind to produce real current, and explore the use of solar cells. If that wasn’t enough, they will also explore static electricity with “hair raising” demonstrations using a real Van Der Graff generator!

Star Lab
Kinder to 6th Grade
Available Year Round
The Star Lab Dome experience brings the mystery and wonder of our cosmos to your students.Our Educators will take your students on a journey through our Milky Way as they explore our solar system and the many constellations as identified by Greek astronomers many, many moons ago. In addition, you can customize your experience by having the Educator discuss another perspective of the stars based on the African, Chinese or Native American storytelling tradition. The program is designed for a third grade class as it follows the California Science Content Standards, but it is available for any K through 6th grade group. This program requires a very large room where the lights can easily be turned on and off to be completely darkened. Please click here for the room requirements.

Making Waves in Science
Available Year Round
1st to 5th Grade
Get a behind-the-scenes look at the true nature of light and sound!

Ever wonder what’s in a sound or a ray of light? Let’s discover the nature of waves and energy together with this highly engaging collection of experiments that weave together Common Core and NGSS standards. We’ll examine the relationships between sound and vibrations with stunning visuals and interactive projects. Instructors will also unveil how light can bend, bounce, and scatter into rainbows. We will even use our understanding of light and sound to create “special effects” heard on films and soundtracks. Talk about making waves!

Modes of Expression
Available Year Round
1st to 5th Grade
A comprehensive art enrichment program

This experience ingeniously incorporates photography, puppetry, and music all while targeting Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards. Activities include creating two and three dimensional art pieces and getting exposed to the world of theater! Children will work in teams taking portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. They’ll also create their own puppets for telling new stories and investigating new identities. Modes of Expression addresses the need for children to be heard, understood, and respected. Imagine the sense of purpose and confidence children will feel when they are allowed to express their ideas, concerns, and dreams! Going beyond content standards, this is a holistic program that promotes strong language and social/emotional development; it’s really about creating a community through art.

Awe!Mazing Science Assembly
Available Year Round
Pre-k to 8th Grade
Witness the wonders of physics and chemistry with some of our own mad scientists!

This is truly an event for everyone. Have you ever wanted to unleash the explosive power of oxygen, play with pressure or witness a chemical wonder in the making? It’s more than a show, Mad Science elucidates abstract science concepts and makes them fun and exciting. Enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of science with us!

Customized Program
Pre-Kinder to High School
Available Year Round
Kidspace is able to customize any of our signature Offsite Programs or Discovery Programs to fit your group's needs. The Kidspace on the Road experience is a great fit for your Open House, Back to School Night, Science Night, and any other community event or fundraiser.

In addition to all of these wonderful programs, Kidspace can also work within your current curriculum to develop a customized program or event unique to your school or group.

Booking a Visit to your School

  • Request must be made at least three weeks in advance and full payment must be made at least 14 days prior to the visit.
  • The cost of the program is just $375 for up to 30 students and 90 minutes of programming.
  • There is a $25 surcharge for schools located more than 20 miles from Kidspace. If your school is located beyond 100 miles this fee is $50. 
  • To book your visit or for additional information please call Marco Calderón at (626) 449-9144 extension 5218 or email at