24 Going beyond the everyday…
Each day, Kidspace offers an ever growing variety of ways to help your child encounter the natural world and deepen their education. Beyond our daily programs and activities you'll find even more ways to further your child's education.

Each quarter we offer special workshops and classes that will give you and your child the opportunity to learn together and equip your child with more tools to explore, discover and encounter the world around us.

Whether it be; candle making, painting with organic materials, teaching you and your two year old sign-language, or taking those first developmental steps with your one year old, Kidspace classes and workshops have something to offer every child.

23 During spring and summer there’s no need to put the brakes on learning simply because school is out of session. In April, July and August camp swings into session and your camper is invited to immerse themselves in Kidspace for a week as they focus in on topics such as insects and arthropods, the ecology of the Arroyo, the human body, the wondrous world of physics and what lies beyond this world.