2015 Butterfly Season



Member Night - March 20 (5-8pm)

For Kidspace Members Only to be the first to adopt their caterpillars and enjoy exclusive buggy programming with the theme of Butterfly Masquerade & Moth Ball!


Bug Fair - March 21 & 22

Caterpillar Adoption Days Kick-off! Chat with bug specialists, adopt insects or arachnids, participate in a ladybug release, attend a Wormy Composting Workshop, and get your caterpillars.


Caterpillar Adoption Days - March 21 through May 3

Painted Lady Caterpillars will be available in the Busy Bee Learning Store (while supplies last on a weekly basis of stock). There are no holds and no shipping. Please call one week ahead with requests of purchasing over 40 caterpillars.


Grand Butterfly Release - May 2 & 3

Over a thousand butterflies will be released into the Kidspace Gardens, with a release at 2pm each day. Please arrive early to enjoy all of the day's activities and to avoid admission lines.

Witness the magic of metamorphosis by adopting a Painted Lady Caterpillar during Kidspace's Butterfly Season.  Your caterpillar, its food, and care guide will be $4 in the Busy Bee Learning Store, or $16.99 for a cup of 5 caterpillars (while supplies last on a weekly basis).  Butterfly Season kick-off will start with a special Members-Only Night on March 20 from 5-8pm, where Kidspace Members will be the first to adopt their caterpillars and take part in "buggy" programming. Then learn about entomology all weekend at Kidspace's Bug Fair!

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You can call ahead to check stock (626-449-9144, x. 5223 or x. 0) before your visit, but caterpillar holds or pre-orders will not be accommodated. If you already have your caterpillars and need another copy of the Care & Feeding Guide, view instructions here: Inside Brochure and Outside Brochure.

Don't forget to visit the Nature Exchange after completing the Life Cycle Challenge to earn points and make trades!