Music, Motion & Math Summer 2014

Music, Motion, & Math: ages 3-4

Length: 4 weeks

Every Tuesday, June 3th - June 23th 2014, 9:30-11am


This class helps foster the connections between learning and play.  Guided  activities will help children develop early concepts of math: counting, ordering, measuring, patterns, and problem solving.  All concepts will be filtered through kinesthetic learning, creative expression, and music.  The structure of this class is developed to lead into the benchmarks for pre-school and kindergarten.

Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Fee is $67.50 for Kidspace Members and $75 for non-members.



Kidspace 2014 Early Learner programs are sponsored by ScholarShare and TIAA-CREF


Early Childhood Specialist: Amber Rhodes or Early Childhood Manager: Yvonne Chavez-Lombardi
Contact us if you have questions or concerns at

 (626) 449-9144      x 5212 Amber    x 5221 Yvonne

Sample Program

  • Free Art: Dot Markers
  • Circle Music Time/Welcome
  • Musical Instruments: Drum circle counting beats
  • Movement: Counting movement to the music
  • Art: Geometric Collage



*Kidspace 2014 Early Learner programs are sponsored by ScholarShare and TIAA-CREF.