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Members-only events, special discounts, and partnerships are a way to show appreciation for their on-going support.  If you would like to participate in any of our exclusive member benefits and previews, please consider joining our membership family. Become a member today!


Ooey Gooey Weekend

Member Preview Morning | February 18, 9:00-10:00am 

Explore the ooey, gooey side of Kidspace! Create play dough poop sculptures and learn how scat helps us know what animals eat. Make squishy worm, snail and slug tracks with gooey finger paint trails. Get messy at the oobleck station and make your own green algae slime! 


Caterpillar Adoptions - March 11 to April 23 Kidspace Members can buy caterpillars starting Friday, March 10 in the Busy Bee Learning Store!

Butterfly Breakfast - Saturday, March 11 at 8:30 to 10:00am ($4 registration per member -nonrefundable)

Join us for a Member Exclusive Butterfly Breakfast! Enjoy a continental breakfast in the Roberts Pavilion, learn about butterflies, and create your own caterpillar habitat. Pre-registration is required and nonrefundable.

Registration Opens February 14


FREE 3-Month Subscription to any Highlights Magazine!   

At Kidspace, we are always looking for opportunities to offer our Members something special for their families. We are pleased to announce a partnership with Highlights Magazine. Kidspace Members can enjoy a free 3-month subscription to Highlights Magazine, the original, classic magazine for kids. We hope you enjoy this Member exclusive!

Please visit to claim your subscription.
Use promo code: welcome

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