Behind The Scenes: Build Your Own Butterfly Habitat

Butterfly Habitat or Bungalow


  • Shoebox or small box
  • Craft supplies - scissors, crayons, tape, construction paper, stickers, etc.
  • Small branch or stick (that can fit in your box)
  • Plastic wrap or netting


  • Cut a large window in one side of your box, or take the lid off your shoebox, and turn on its side.
  • Make a small flap in the side of the box that can serve as a door to feed your butterfly once it emerges. When not in use, keep the flap taped shut.
  • Paint or color a garden habitat background in your box. Greens and browns are a good color choice as they mimic your butterfly’s natural home. If you use paint, make sure it dries before moving your chrysalis.
  • Place a small branch or stick diagonally across the inside of your bungalow for your butterfly to rest on.
  • Carefully, attach the lid of the container with the chrysalis hanging to the inside top of your bungalow with a piece of tape. The chrysalis should hang down in a vertical position.
  • If the chrysalis becomes detached from the lid, gently lay it down on the bottom of your bungalow.
  • Place a sheet of plastic wrap or a net screen over the open side of the box/bungalow with tape.


Jenna Ervin, Science Specialist, has been with Kidspace since 2013. Raised in the Sierra Nevadas, she has previously worked in Yosemite National Park as a Naturalist Guide. She currently oversees the programming for the Kidspace exhibits Imagination Workshop and Galvin Physics Forest.