Book Share: Art Week

For Art Week of Kidspace Book Club I chose to read the book “The Colors of Us” by Karen Katz. The book is about a 7-year-old girl named Lena and her journey to paint a self-portrait. Lena wants to use brown paint for her skin and with the help of her mother, who is an artist, she soon discovers that the color brown comes in many different and delicious shades. On a walk through her neighborhood, Lena identifies the colors of her friends’ skin by comparing them to tasty foods such as honey, peanut butter, chocolate cupcakes, and French toast.


For my book share, I chose to also paint a self-portrait with my 12-year-old daughter Victoria. Victoria and I used dark brown, yellow, pink, and white acrylic paint to create our skin color. We had a lot of fun mixing the paint until we found the perfect shades of butterscotch and hazelnut ice-cream.


If you would like to create your own book share or learn more about Kidspace Book Club, check out the Book Club page. For a list of recommended reading for each week of book club you can check out the Pasadena Public Library’s Kidspace Book Club Reading List here. __________________________________________________________________________________

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