Book Share: Green Week

Hey Kidspace Kids! Our names are Shellie and Kristen, we are a part of the Programs Team at Kidspace - and we believe in going green! We were so happy to learn that this week’s Kidspace Book Club Theme is “Green" - but what does it mean to go green?

Green is soooo much more than a color! To "Go Green" means to make choices that help protect the earth. There are lots of ways to go green - maybe it’s making less trash, saving water and other resources or even riding your bike or walking to nearby places!

We both go green in many ways - we bring our lunches every day in reusable containers and bags. We use reusable forks and spoons instead of plastic. Recycling is a regular part of our lives at home, and one of us (Kristen) even keeps a worm bin (called a vermicomposter) to recycle food waste too.

Some people think that going green is difficult, but sometimes all it takes is many people choosing to do one thing - and that one thing, done by everyone, can turn into a huge thing that helps our planet stay healthy.

For our Book Club book we read “Don’t Throw That Away" by Lara Bergen (part of the little green book series) and loved it! This book is all about ways you can reuse or repurpose items instead of throwing them out. After reading the book, we were inspired to discover other fun ways people might reuse or repurpose things, so we walked around our Kidspace offices to investigate how different people found creative ways to use objects that might have otherwise gone in the trash.

First, we found our CEO Michael used old science equipment to make a candy and business card holder (we also spotted a re-usable coffee cup!):


Then, we discovered Anne used old keys, small binder clips and an old pencil cup to make this cool wind chime:


Heather used old uniforms to make pillowcases:


And lots of people on the Kidspace team used old cups, mugs, and containers as planters, and to hold pencils and pens:


Pretty cool—huh?

Now it’s your turn! Look around your home or neighborhood and see if you can spy any creative ways items have been reused and repurposed. Go Green!


Kristen Metzger has worked with Kidspace since 2017 and worked in the field of Informal Education for over a decade - believing people have an innate sense of curiosity and play that drive lifelong-learning and exploration or their world. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking simple, healthy food; hiking and camping with her husband, and repeatedly riding Space Mountain at Disneyland.

Shellie J. Kalmore, Chief Programs Officers, joined the Kidspace Children’s Museum Team in July of 2017. She came to us with a mix of for-profit and nonprofit leadership spanning a 20+ year career. Most recently from the zoo education realm, holding such positions as Director of Education & Conservation, Shellie has provided people of all ages opportunities to celebrate and connect with the natural world and develop a lifelong appreciation for learning. She holds a B.A in Biology and Psychology from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and M.S. in Museum Education from Bank Street College in Manhattan. As Chief Programs Officer, Shellie looks after all things programmatic including the planning, development and maintenance of educational strategies and programs.