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In the Busy Bee Learning Store, we try to help each child find an item that will continue their Kidspace experience at home. We ask them what Kidspace Critters they met, what exhibit or program was their favorite, what stories they heard at story time, or what they created in Flutterby’s Art Center or Imagination Workshop.  No matter their answers, we work together to find something that relates to their visit that sparks their interest and will encourage creativity at home and school. Take a look at all the fun available at the Busy Bee Learning Store!


Best Sellers



Bug Yoo-hoo & Snake Plush – Cute and cuddly is always a winner. But these two themes of bug and snake are extra popular after kids meet the Kidspace Critters.



Magic T-Shirts & Bug Costume Wings – We like unique apparel that encourages pretend play and fun in the sun. Magic T-Shirts art work burst into color when exposed to sunlight. And these bug wings are the perfect size for kids.



Port-a-Bug – A pop-up net house for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly, and also a great bug hunting tool. Find a stick bug or beetle in the backyard to study and release.




Bubber & Kinetic Sand – It’s creative art and sensory play! Sculpt, create a dinosaur excavation, and be amazed at the feel and “movement” of each substance. Bubber never dries out, and it’s also perfect for sharing during a play date.



Sensory Balls & Switch Pitch – Balls will always be a great seller, the classic toy that never gets old. For little ones the spikey sensory balls are a favorite, and as kids get older toy balls can become more unique and not all balls bounce. The Switch Pitch is a ball you toss to make it turn inside out in the air, definitely a store favorite.


Staff Recommendations



Tim Recommends Outer Space Bedtime Race -  Picture book by the very talented and award winning illustrator Brian Won. This awesome adventure is not to be missed!



Kathleen Recommends Magformers - My son LOVES Magformers. They can be used on magnetic surfaces, or alone to make structures. What’s really great, is that not only is he using his imagination to create things, but it’s a fun way for parents to be part of the fun as well.



Vince recommends Snap Circuits Jr. – This is a great item to start learning about electronics and to continue your activities from Imagination Workshop. This toy can inspire any child’s interest in engineering.

2340 Susan Recommends YoGaMe Zoo – Learn yoga by imitating animals, which is a great way to get moving and improve flexibility. Not only is it exercise, it is also a fun game to “free” as many animals as you can.


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Susan Cardosi-Albert, Assistant Director of Operations, has been with Kidspace Children's Museum since 2005 working within education, retail, and communications.  Previous work includes the Los Angeles Zoo and COSI Science Center after gaining a BA in Broadcast Communications.