Hey Kidspace Kids!

Breaking news here from the Super-Secret Hush-Hush Headquarters - our butterfly friends have emerged! I repeat, our butterfly friends have emerged!

And PHEW - just in the nick of time for our Grand Celebration on May 5 & 6!

Without further ado, please extend a Kidspace Welcome to our two representatives from Spokesbug International Dot and Spot!


3231 Dot and Spot | 2018 Spokesbugs

Like all butterflies, when our friends first came out of their chrysalis, they had soft, crumpled wings. Don’t worry; this is totally normal! They will hang out (literally!) in a safe place to flutter their wings as they pump them full of fluid (called meconium) to push the wings out to their full shape and size, and allow them to harden so they can fly. 

If you come to Kidspace in the next week, keep an eye out because I have it on good authority that Dot and Spot might occasionally be fluttering around and exploring the museum this week. They will be ready to fly home to their friends and family after our Grand Celebration May 5 & 6!

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