Butterfly Bulletin:Caterpillars metamorphosed into a chrysalis

Kidspace Kids - guess what!?

Our butterfly friends have moved on to the next stage of their life cycle, and are now both a chrysalis!

Jenna and I went in to do our regular check in with them this weekend and immediately become suspicious of the TOTAL silence. We didn't hear any sounds of3227 caterpillar munching - which had gotten so loud that you could even listen to it from the pneumatic tubes we use to access the Super-Secret Hush-Hush Headquarters.

When we ran into Headquarters, we saw both the caterpillars had crawled away from the plants and were hanging from the rafters in a 'J' shape. By the end of the day, they both had molted their final caterpillar exoskeleton, and transformed into a pupae! In butterflies, the pupae stage is called a chrysalis. You might have heard that butterflies become a cocoon - but this isn’t actually accurate. A cocoon is an extra layer of silk that is wrapped around a chrysalis and is something that only some kinds of butterflies and moths make. Chrysalises can vary from bright colors like orange, or green and gold like those of a Monarch:

Or be well-camouflaged in browns and greys.

If eggs are like the 'baby' stage for a butterfly, and caterpillars are like the 'kid' phase of a butterfly - then a chrysalis is like they 'teenager' phase of a butterfly. The butterfly is going through a ton of changes inside their chrysalis in order to transform – totally rearranging and re-building its caterpillar body into an adult body. As you might imagine, rebuilding an entire body takes a lot of work - so if you have adopted a caterpillar and have it at home, or spot a chrysalis out in the world, let them rest.

Here at Kidspace, our biggest concern right now is that they won't emerge in time for our big Butterfly Celebration! So keep your fingers crossed, we'll get to meet our guests in time.3228

That reminds me - we decided to take more votes to name our friends, so click here now to vote! We'll be revealing the winning names when our friends emerge.

Well, there is no more munching - but it is a little unnerving sitting at our desks with 5 foot, purple and orange chrysalis hanging above you... so we need to get out of here and find a less precarious place to work.

Keeping you posted on all things butterfly - this is Kristen with SSHHH Special Reports

Celebration Happenings

- Performer Christopher Yates will be doing his show called 'The Butterfly Effect"

- Help us get ready to welcome our Butterfly Friends and decorate for our Grand Celebration on May 5 & 6! Join us in the Nature Exchange next week to color butterflies that we'll hang in our Wisteria Walkway.

- This is the last weekend to come to our Chrysalis-Carrier Pop-Up program, so grab a shoebox and drop by!