by: KHickey
Thursday 17th , 2018
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Hey Kidspace Kids, Wow, what a weekend. I can't believe our 22nd Annual Butterfly Celebration has come to a close! This year's celebration was super fun - 3281 we celebrated butterflies by creating art and making things that support their life cycle - like soil cakes filled California Poppy seeds to take home and plant for butterfly food and habitat, and Butterfly Puddlers to place outside and fill with water.

'Wait - how does a clay dish filled with a tiny bit of water help butterflies?' you might be asking. When you put water in the clay dish the water becomes mineral-rich - which creates something like butterfly Gatorade. Butterflies can drink this water, giving them electrolytes and minerals they need to have the energy to fly around and do their thing! This behavior is (not surprisingly) called puddling, and butterflies from all around the world can be found sipping mineral-rich water in their habitat.

Of course, we also had an amazing dance party at our Grand Celebration, where we waved butterfly kites, danced the Caterpillar-Conga, and had a big send off for our guest butterfly friends! Dot and Spot, we are happy to report, have safely made the flight home and are hanging out with their friends and family!

3282 We want to extend a big thanks to Spokesbug International, for allowing us to host Dot and Spot, and helping us make the 22nd Annual Grand Butterfly Celebration so grand! We hope you join us again next year! As for the Kidspace Team, we have mostly moved back into the Kidspace Super-Secret Hush Hush Headquarters and are back hard at work at our next big project. I hope you like to read as much as we do, because rumor has it there is an awesome Kidspace Book Club coming soon to a summer near you!

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