by: KHickey
Tuesday 20th , 2018
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Attention Kidspace Kids!

Just in time for the 2018 Butterfly Season, we have two very special Butterfly friends joining us here at the Kidspace's Super Secret Hush-Hush Headquarters (SSHHH). The two butterfly eggs appeared to have been laid late last night, left along with this mysterious note:

"Dear Kidspace, The butterfly network has been aflutter with the news that you are celebrating us this year with a lot of great fun and learning! To help you celebrate, we are sending two representatives to be present at your annual Butterfly Celebration. We are placing these two eggs in your care, so you can show everyone how butterflies grow and transform from eggs to adults. When the celebration is over, please release our spokesbugs, so they can fly back home to us. Have a great season!

- Spokesbug International "

Wow - Spokesbug International - we are so grateful you have chosen Kidspace to send your team to! We promise to take great care of these butterflies and support them as they grow. Each week throughout the season, we'll share with you, our Kidspace Kids, how out butterfly Spokesbugs are growing and changing.

Like all insects, our two friends are beginning their life as an egg,


Eeeeerrch! Wait - did you know butterflies are insects!? (if there is an old K-Blog about insects here - please link it). Because of their charismatic appearance, often people don't realize butterflies belong to the same large group of animals as leafhoppers, bees, beetles, cockroaches and more! This is one reason we celebrate butterflies - they are a great representative for other insects.

Insects have two main ways of growing. Some insects go through incomplete metamorphosis. This means as the insect grows and changes, it looks similar at during each part of its life.


Other insects go through complete metamorphosis. This means as the insect grows and changes, it looks very different at each stage of its life. Complete metamorphosis is the kind of growing butterflies do!


Our butterfly friends are coming to us in the first stage of their life cycle - an egg.

Watch the K-Blog more next Monday to see how our Spokesbugs are growing!

Kristen SSHHH Special Reports