by: KHickey
Wednesday 21st , 2017
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Now that summer has begun it is time to face the truth once more: the kids are home all day, every day! Now you switch from being a taxi driver in the 2967 mornings to being a tour guide and activities director for your children. It seems like you have to come up with great activities every day to keep them busy, engaged, and having fun. It is easy to forget in all that excitement that the infamous “summer slide” is a real thing. So along with stocking up on sunscreen and popsicles this summer be sure to visit Families in Schools’ web page introducing their wonderful Passport to Success summer program.

Kidspace has partnered with Families in schools to take on that dreaded “summer slide”. As Families in Schools states “…students can lose up to one month of learning during the summer. This is called the ‘summer slide’ and it can take teachers three to four weeks to re-teach the previous years’ skills at the beginning of the new school year.” The program is easy and fun to join. The idea is that kids pick up a free “Passport to Success” then spend their summer visiting various fun and educational institutions collecting stamps to complete their passport pages. They earn points towards great prizes and best of all they spend time with their families visiting great locations thought the city.

You will have to register online to get a passport. Once you register you will receive:

• A Passport (stamp book) (if the children have not received one)

• A Passport to Success Resource Guide (map) (if the children have not received one)

• A weekly Passport to Success newsletter with the following information:

  • Promotional information on museums, community events, and activities Summer learning tips.
  • Weekly Scavenger Hunt Photo Challenges where families are encouraged to take a photo at a designated location, and post it on Instagram or Facebook. The photo with the most likes is eligible for a prize.
  • Job opportunities in the Greater Los Angeles Area and Inland Empire o Volunteer opportunities from Families In Schools
  • Opportunities to win prizes throughout the summer

2968 When you visit Kidspace with your child to collect a Passport to Success stamp you will have the opportunity to enjoy southern California’s premier children’s museum destination. Serving over 320,000 guests each year, Kidspace is a unique children’s museum that features exhibits, programs, and activities on almost 3.5 acres of indoor and outdoor space. Kidspace encourages a child’s growth and development through explorations of the environment, investigations in science, and artistic forms of expression that captivate the inquisitive and growing minds of children ages 1 to 10.

Once in the museum, have your child bring their Passport to Success to the Nature Exchange where one of our Educators will help them complete a short nature quest to earn a cool Kidspace stamp. After earning a stamp, enjoy the rest of the day exploring the museum. Visit all of our small critters in the Nature Exchange, 2969 work on a unique project in the Imagination Workshop or get lost in nature outside in our Arroyo Adventure. Whatever you choose to do you’ll be glad you came to battle the summer slide.

Please note that regular Kidspace admission applies to all guests coming to visit with a Passport to Success. For any questions about Passport to Success, please visit their website.

___________________________________________________________________________________ Marco Calderón, Assistant Director of Education focusing on Groups and Outreach, has been with Kidspace since March of 2011; prior to that he spent six years as a high school teacher. He holds a B.A. from CSUN and M.A. from LMU.