by: KHickey
Thursday 1st , 2017
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Sherman is a type of turtle. She is about 8 inches long. She is named a box turtle because when she pulls into her shell she can close the openings like closing a box. We used to think Sherman was a boy until one day she laid eggs! We wanted to keep her name because that's how we've known her. Sherman does not have teeth, but rather a beak which she uses to eat both bugs and vegetables. Sherman is the oldest Kidspace Critter. You can visit Sherman and our other Kidspace Critters in the Nature Exchange, located in Roberts Pavilion. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Kelley Benes, Nature Specialist, has been with Kidspace Children’s Museum since 2016. In her spare time, she is training to be a docent at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. She currently oversees Kidspace’s live animal collection and the Nature Exchange.