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Friday 13th , 2012
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286 BaldwinMeet one of the 2,700 species of snakes and the newest member of the Kidspace family, Baldwin the Ball Python!

Baldwin is an African Ball Python and his species originates in the grasslands, savannas and wooded areas of Africa. The name “ball python” refers to the python’s tendency to curl into a ball when stressed or frighten. These pythons are constrictors which mean that they will squeeze their prey (usually small rodents like mice and rats) before eating it whole.  Ball pythons are also known as Royal Pythons because it is said that Cleopatra would carry this snake on her wrist to wear as a bracelet.

Baldwin was generously donated to us and has now made his transition to one of our educational animals.  At 14 years old and 4 feet in length, like other snakes Baldwin will shed his skin as he slowly grows.  Baldwin is most likely fully grown, but he could be one of the rare ball pythons to reach 6 feet in length.

Our Kidspace staff members couldn’t wait to be able to do educational programming with this amazing animal.  Prepping Baldwin for his first program was a breeze; he has a very docile disposition and is an active python that enjoys being handled by our staff.  We are happy to report that his first program was a great success!  Children and adults alike were excited to meet and even get to touch Baldwin.

So during your next visit to Kidspace be sure stop by the Nature Exchange to see Baldwin.  You might even get to learn about him or one of his reptile friends like Ozzy the Bearded Dragon or Sherman the Box Turtle.


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Yessica Flores, Live Collections & Outreach Specialist, has been with Kidspace for six years. After graduating from North Hollywood High School’s Zoo Magnet, she volunteered and worked for over 8 years with zoo keepers and the education department at the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens.