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Wednesday 11th , 2012
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282 Messy Moments in the ECLCWhy get messy at Kidspace?  Kidspace messy moments is a great opportunity for your child to explore the world of art through messy interactive paint play.  Through messy moments children will explore color mixing at a very early age that allows them to walk through and squish paint with their bare feet and hands.  Kidspace educators and guardians alike use this unique opportunity to affirm color vocabulary and color mixing theory all the while training fine motor skills and muscle memory.  The sooner children are exposed to the experiential encounters with mixing paint the sooner it will stick in their memory.

In the featured article titled Why Johnny Can’t Name His Colors, [Scientific American Magazine Article] Melody Dye explains that children learn their vocabulary faster when rearranging the noun and the adjective in a sentence describing an object’s color.  For example: when recognizing a ball as red it is important to place the adjective describing the color after the noun to sound like this; the ball that is red.  When saying the red ball the child will associate all balls as being red when some can be blue, green or purple until they learn there is a distinct separation of adjectives and nouns.  Kidspace educators re-affirm vocabulary by reviewing them through listen/repeat and point/recognize exercises that work the hand, eye and brain coordination.

Learning color mixing is an early form of putting sentences together.  Children use the same color mixing concept when putting sentences together.   Colors and shapes are an early literacy exercise in recognizing symbols which in turn help learn letters as symbols and ultimately symbols of letters that make words.   If they put together a certain combination of words they will express an idea in much the same way they combine primary colors to create secondary colors.  Kidspace educators are here to guide children through their early experiences in art to build confidence and knowledge of basic color theories and literacy.

Messy Moments takes place every Thursday at 2pm in the Early Childhood Learning Center - hope to see you there!


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Leslie Fraser, the Arts and Nature Education Specialist at Kidspace Children’s Museum.  Leslie has been at Kidspace for 3.5 years inspiring children of all ages in the arts and sciences.