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Monday 11th , 2012
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418 Giant Lever Exhibit

Only 31 days until you and your family can explore the wonder of physics in the natural setting of the Galvin Physics Forest.  That’s roughly four short weeks away until the Grand Opening on Thursday, July 12, 2012.  Though four weeks can feel like a lifetime for little ones and even for us bigger kids.  Well wait no longer, you can get a taste of the new Galvin Physics Forest exhibitory by experimenting with some fun physics concepts in your very own home. 

415 Pulleys Exhibit



Experiment with Mechanical Advantage as is featured in the Pulleys exhibit by tying a string to a basket, then pulling the string over the doorknob.  Put objects in the basket.  Is it easier to pick up with the pulley or with just your hands?  Upon your visit to the Galvin Physics Forest take a seat at the Pulleys exhibit and try lifting yourself up.  Is it easiest with the configuration of two, three, or four pulleys?  Also try out the Giant Levers to see yet another example of mechanical advantage.

416 Air Cannon Exhibit

See the power of Air Pressure reflected in the Air Cannon exhibit.  The Air Cannon can produce a concentrated blast of air that can travel a great distance before dispersing.  By pushing the piston it compresses the air within the large interior cannon that accelerates the air as it exits through the hole.  Guests can experience the length and breadth of air travel by aiming at an array of targets.  Experiment with air pressure at home by blowing through each end of a small funnel.  What happens to your air?  Use your hand to feel what happens and how far it travels.

417 Ball Bounce Exhibit



Conservation of Energy is reflected in a number of the Galvin Physics Forest exhibits such as the Ball Bounce, Roller Coaster, and the Distribution of Mass.  These exhibits reflect the physics principle that amounts of energy in the universe always stay the same but energy is often transferred from one object to another.  Test this concept at home by hitting one marble against another or lining up dominos and watch what happens when just one of them is set into motion.

Come celebrate a world of physics at the Galvin Physics Forest Grand Opening on July 12th, with adjusted museum operating hours from 10:30am-8pm.  In addition to 13 new exhibits, the Radio Disney Road Crew will kick-off the event with festive music and there will be many hands-on physics activities for guests of all ages to enjoy.

Want a sneak peak of Physics Forest?  Visit the live Galvin Physics Forest webcam or peer through one of the many portholes at Kidspace to see the finishing touches being made.


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MaryAnn Viviano, Business Operations Director, has been with Kidspace Children’s Museum since 2004.  Currently serving as the internal Project Manager on the Physics Forest exhibit area.