by: KHickey
Wednesday 20th , 2018
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Welcome to Kidspace Book Club, Week 1. S is for Science. When I think of science, I think of the wonderful world around us with so many amazing things for us to explore. I am super curious about the great outdoors and have a lot of questions. I think it is very cool that every little thing in nature has a role and works together. It’s pretty great that we can observe and learn about it just by going outside.

I read the Lorax, by Dr. Suess. It always reminds me that it’s up to us to always be learning about the Earth to help keep it healthy.

I love how Dr. Suess rhymes, so for my book share, I wrote a poem.

Unless Someone Like Me

I want the grass to stay green

And the clouds to be clean

But some people aren’t aware

What they put in the air

Or the water or the ground

But I don’t think that’s nice, do you?


We need every bug, every tiger, every tree

We need every jellyfish, every whale in the sea

Let’s observe them together and watch them grow

I have a lot of questions and things to know

Nature is special and works on its own

I want to learn all I can, don’t you?


Unless someone like me

Speaks for the tress

Speaks for the flowers

Speaks for the bees

Unless someone like me

Unless someone like you

Speaks for the earth

It might disappear

If you like the Lorax and want to read other books about science, check out the Pasadena Public Library. Head to Kidspace Bookclub website to look at their summer reading list for more science themed books.

Rachel Masters

Nature Programs Specialist