Friday 21st , 2012
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736 This has been an exciting year at Kidspace! Not only did we open the Galvin Physics Forest, but we made the bold leap to tell the world that this was just the first (albeit grand) step in a Campaign to improve the Kidspace experience – new exhibits, new amenities, new programs. We have a simple goal. We want to reach the full potential that everyone saw when they moved the Museum to Brookside Park back in 2004. To do all of this the Board of Directors decided a few years ago that we needed to raise some new funds. They set the goal at $13 million. And when we told the world about the Campaign for the Future of Kidspace last April it was because we were more than halfway to that goal.

Campaigns are a major challenge. But nothing helps drive a team to conquer a challenge like another challenge. We hit that halfway point because the family of Robert and Mary Galvin out of Chicago (Robert’s father founded Motorola and then Robert was CEO for several decades) pledged $2.5 million to the Campaign… if we raised another $2 million to match it. A significant sum for an organization our size.

737 And like I said it has been an exciting year. We are almost there. Our current Campaign total comes to more than $8.6 million! We are rising to the challenge, in more ways than one. The staff and Board of Directors have put forth tremendous effort. And our donors have been more generous than we could have hoped for. We are so grateful to folks like Kris and Jane Popovich, David and Cathie Partridge, Jud and Marilyn Roberts, Jim and Gail Ellis, Steve and Karen Bristing, and Jim and Laura LaBarge whose gifts were so instrumental in getting us to this point. And their leadership and belief in what we are trying to do is so important and much appreciated. Without Gail Ellis, daughter of Robert and Mary Galvin advocating for Kidspace, we would not have the opportunity to meet this challenge. Many people have contributed to this piece of the effort so far and we thank them all for their support.

The bigger challenge is not over, but we are energized to continue on our quest. We are making plans for those new exhibits. We are talking to community partners about those new programs. And we are talking to all of you about those amenities you want to see around the Museum. And as we continue to work toward the success of this Campaign we are encouraged to know we have friends who stand behind us.


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Erica Blodgett, Director of Development, joined Kidspace in 2012.  She holds a master’s degree in Development Management and served as the Development and Communications Director for the Violence Intervention Program prior to joining the Museum.