Thursday 15th , 2012
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Meet Kidspace's Educator of the Week!

Jen Says…It’s Holiday MADness!!

682 Now that it’s close to the Holidays, Kidspace is a perfect place to shop for the little ones in your life. In our Busy Bee Learning Store there are all sorts of educational and fun toys that kids of all ages can enjoy. A member of our Store team, Jen Sese, has given us three of her favorite toys she recommends in the store.

683 Chubbies are a great pick for the toddlers and early learners. They come in a variety of vehicle shapes and are reasonably priced. And guess what?! They’re dish washer safe!! Playing with Chubbies is a great way to encourage imaginative play, as well as developing gross and fine motor skills.

684 Cubebots can make a great stocking stuffer this Holiday Season! They are perfect for children three and up. You can make all sorts of shapes with the Cubebots which encourages your child to learn geometric shapes and critical thinking. Take Cubebot anywhere as they come in small Cubebot and larger Cubebot.

685 Snuggle up to these 54” plush snakes! They can inspire a love of wildlife and herpetology and are appropriate for all ages. They come in all sorts of colors and are perfect for the animal lover in your life.

Stop by Kidspace's Busy Bee Learning Store to pick up great toys for kids of all ages this Holiday Season. And remember on the 23rd and 25th of November Kidspace will be participating in Museum Holiday MADness when all members will receive 20% of all merchandise and reciprocal admission to participating Museums throughout the weekend. LEARN MORE