Thursday 29th , 2012
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701 Growing up in California I didn’t see my first snow until I was 12 years old.  We were on vacation in Chicago for the winter holidays.  It snowed overnight on Christmas Eve.  My brother built the world’s smallest snowman.  It was too small for even a baby carrot nose.  The polaroid I took of my brother all dressed in his winter gear pointing at a snowman almost too tiny to see is one of my most treasured photographs.  I also treasure being able to provide that kind of enduring memory for families during Kidspace Snow Days.

For many guests Snow Days is their first opportunity to experience snow.  The crunch of it under your feet.  The way a snowball explodes on impact.  The irresistible urge to pick some up and touch it to your tongue. 

What struck me last year on my first Snow Day was the joy and comradery of the children and adults as they shared their first experience with snow.  There are very few moments when kids and their parents are living the same wonder and discovery at the same time.  Digging and ice tunnels and sliding on packed ice, having the same newness and revelations together is an amazing sight to behold.

We have a precious opportunity to create that unique moment in time when there is no parent and child, just family.  Family growing and evolving together.


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Anne Clarke has been with Kidspace for two years as an Educator and works with our outreach program to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles. She is a professional puppeteer and has worked with Disney as a puppet specialist.  Her passion for education and programing is evident in her work here at Kidspace.