Tuesday 3rd , 2012
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Back in the spring of 1991 I was getting ready to spend a week at an outdoor education camp near Big Bear, CA. The camp was built267 in the science curriculum of my school and the goal was to give kids a practical hands-on understanding of the world around them. The topics that were set to be covered during the camp varied from geology to entomology, botany to forest ecology with some astronomy thrown into the mix for good measure.  I was not looking forward to it.

Before this time I wasn’t what you would call “outdoorsy”.  I liked my room, I liked being inside, I liked cartoons and video games. I was not excited about spending an entire week outside, talking about the outside, and being tested about my time outside.   To say that I was “grumpy” about the coming week’s activities would have been an understatement.  While I didn’t kick and scream my way up the mountain I did sulk, pout, and drag my feet. What was I afraid of? Nothing really, just general discomfort, and afraid that I would miss my favorite shows.

Then camp happened, while I had been camping before I cannot remember a time that was so focused on the introduction to the world around me.  I was intrigued, I was captivated, and I loved it! One of the activities they led us through was discovering the types of rocks in a dry river bed. After some brief instruction about what to look for and a tool to test hardness, they set us off. I could have dug around that river bed for hours. I loved the process of exploration and discovery, of seeking out and testing.

268 This same spirit of exploration, discovery, seeking, and testing is a part of each camp we hold here at Kidspace. We love introducing kids to the natural world and watch their eyes widen as they make connections and discoveries. Our camps are not only designed to give your kids an increased knowledge and understanding of the outdoors, but to equip them with the tools to continue exploring and discovering even after camp has ended. It is our goal to instill a love and appreciation for the natural world that leads them to turn off the TV, walk outside, and explore.

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Tim Scheidler, Marketing Manager, has been with Kidspace Children's Museum since 2011.  During his time with the museum, Tim has been involved in the Camps program, volunteer coordinating, and educational programming.