Sunday 25th , 2012
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Wheels will roll, bottles blast and balls fly when guests experiment with the forces that define the shape of our natural world.  Finally the greatly anticipated outdoor exhibit space, Physics Forest at Kidspace Children's Museum, will open on Thursday July 12th. 

264 Physics Forest will be a wondrous mix of the natural and the manmade, with large-scale exhibits nestled within a custom-landscaped woodland of native trees. By locating exhibits in this wooded backdrop, the space will elevate the spirit, encourage exploration and free the imagination. Visitors will find themselves in a place that is neither museum nor playground, forest nor laboratory—a place where wonder and play lead to amazing discoveries.

This collaboration between Kidspace Staff, our Board of Directors and Hands On! Inc Exhibit Fabricators will ingnite children's love of science and create an early conceptual understanding of the laws of physics.  The space will include 13 brand-new interactive exhibits including:

Magnetic Pendulum:  Try to swing the pendulum using cords tipped with small magnets.

Bottle Blaster:  Launch a wire guided bottle skyward 30 feet using compressed air and water.

Roller Coaster Ball Fall Build Area:  Construct a bowling ball raceway and experiment with gravity, centripetal force and momentum. 

Giant Levers:  A physics-based version of the classic “Tug-of-War” that demonstrates mechanical advantage in a fun, surprising way.

Kid-Powered Fan:  Transform your own physical energy into wind power by pushing a large capstan round and round.  The capstan powers an overhead drive belt that connects the capstan to a large fan.

Ball Bounce:  Use momentum gained from gravitational acceleration to create an amazing transfer of energy.265

A special thank you to Hands On! for helping Kidspace develop this project and helping us create another opportunity for families to explore the natural world.  We look forward to viewing the exhibit installation starting in May! 

View the live construction camera on the Kidspace website HERE.

"Collaborating on the Physics Forest with Hands On! is a delight. They magically transform ideas into a fabulous version of reality more wonderful than we had imagined."

—Dr. Mike Brown, Professor of Planetary Astronomy,
California Institute of Technology, and Board Member,
Kidspace Children's Museum


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Susan Cardosi-Albert, Retail & Communications Manager, has been with Kidspace Children's Museum for nearly seven years.  Previous work includes the Los Angeles Zoo and COSI Science Center after gaining a BA in Broadcast Communications.

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