Monday 30th , 2012
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202 For many of us, our memories of playing as children revolve around the outdoors.  Running as fast as we could, swinging as high as you can or simply rolling down a grassy hill contributed to those moments we remember so fondly.  Factors such as location and weather can impact how much outdoor play a child can experience.  Kidspace believes that outdoor play supports many factors of development and takes full advantage of our 2.5 acres of outdoor space and the beautiful weather conditions of our Southern California location to promote safe outdoor play.

Being situated in Southern California and the greater Los Angeles area in particular, many local children growing up amidst urban sprawl are not offered the opportunity to get out and play.  Kidspace presents an environment in which children can take advantage of a safe out-of-doors area and experience those educational highlights that outdoor play offers.  Many children visiting Kidspace on a school field trip experience things they would never get to experience otherwise.  For some, this may be the first time they see a squirrel scurry up an oak tree to forage for acorns or a hummingbird feeding on nectar.  These moments of discovery may not be afforded to them on their school playground which for some is merely a blacktop parking lot.  During a visit to Kidspace a child can experience the outdoors in an environment in which care-givers can trust their child is in safe hands.

Outdoor play helps children to socialize, increases confidence and promotes physical activity.  The outdoor Gardens at Kidspace feature several areas to encourage such experiential learning.   At the Strata Cliff Climb kids can test their limits of how high they can 204 climb all the while the ground beneath them is spongy Saf-dek flooring.  The Wildlife Pond gives children a glimpse of a living mini ecosystem complete with koi, red eared slider turtles, and a wide variety of native insects.  At the Harvest Corner kids can get a glimpse of how food gets from the farm to their table.  These and many more themed gardens and play spaces enhance a child’s visit to Kidspace and help create those memories of outdoor play we hold so dear.


Advantages of Outdoor Play

  • Socialization: Learning to cooperate and play with others.
  • Communication: Inventing new games, stories and scenarios.
  • Spatial relationships: Learning distances and timing by running in open spaces.
  • Self Confidence: Climbing trees, playground structures, hills.
  • Listening: Hearing and identifying various natural sounds (animals, foliage, street traffic)