Friday 27th , 2012
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252 Say hello to Lazlo, our resident Leopard Gecko! He has been part of our Kidspace family for over three years. Where did we get Lazlo? Well fun fact is Lazlo actually found us. Three years ago Lazlo made his way to our tricycle area where one of our Educators saw him walking around. We believe he made his way thru from the brush area near our museum where he was most likely set “free” from his previous owner. Now Lazlo is surrounded by people that care for him which include not only our staff members but our guests who come visit him every day. Now as one of our top Educational Animals, we use Lazlo’s story not only to teach our guests about leopard geckos but also about the responsibility of pet care.

Update: Lazlo has a new roommate and friend; Connie the Leopard Gecko is one of the newest additions to our Kidspace family. She’s been with us for only a few months but already she and Lazlo have become great friends and soon she will make the transition to becoming an Educational Animal.


  • Lazlo and Connie are one of the rare geckos that have eyelids
  • Lazlo and Connie have a tail that can come off if grabbed by a predator. Giving them time to escape.
  • Unlike most Leopard Geckos Lazlo and Connie have claws instead of sticky pads.