Tuesday 12th , 2013
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When temperatures drop and it is dark out earlier, you know that winter is close at hand.  With limited outdoor time, this is when it becomes increasingly more difficult to resist the temptation of turning on the television to keep the kiddos entertained.  Hide and seek is only entertaining for so long before your two year old expects you to raise the bar a bit.  Good news, the winter months don’t have to be tortures, there are activities that both you and your child can enjoy doing together. 

Here are my family’s top five favorite indoor activities:

  • 1438 Lava Lamp:  I bet you never thought you could make a lava lamp with household items.  All you need are water bottles, food coloring, vegetable oil and alka seltzer.  A great educational opportunity to discuss with your child why oil and water don’t mix.
  • Freeze:  Who doesn’t like the classic game of freeze dance that has been a favorite for generations?  Crank up the tunes and get to dancing, no coordination required.  Just dance like crazy until the music stops and then FREEZE!  Now switch it up and make the game more challenging by asking the kids to freeze in specific poses:  animals, shapes, letters or even yoga poses. 
  • 1439 Kool-Aid Play Doh:  Kool-aid play doh is a squishy homemade activity your children are sure to enjoy.  All you need is some flour, salt, cream of tartar, water, oil, kool-aid packets and you’re good to go.  The kool-aid packets are a fun colorful touch and given that the dough is likely to end up in your little one’s mouth at some point, it will be tasty too.  For a wide range of textures, just add in some objects from nature such as leaves and grain.  So get to squashing, rolling, squeezing, patting, and sculpting for a day of tactile fun.
  • Hopscotch:  Who says that hopscotch needs to be outdoors.  With just a little masking tape, your children will be hopping with joy down the hallway.  Parents don’t be shy, hop on in and get that heart a pumpin’.  But don’t stop there when there are so many other games just waiting to be experienced with the use of a little masking tape including bulls-eye-bowling, tic-tac-toe, balance beam, and more.  For masking tape fun visit:
  • 1440 Fort Building:  This list wouldn’t be complete without some good old family fun spent building forts with every blanket you can find in the house.  Childhood wouldn’t be complete without being the architect of your very own blanket fort! Provide the space and blankets and step aside and let your children work their magic.  But you’re never too old to crawl into the fort of wonder, read a story by flashlight, and why not even enjoy an overnight stay.


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