Wednesday 6th , 2013
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When you arrive at Kidspace chances are one of the first staff members you will meet is Vince Dominguez, who for the last two and a half years has primarily been stationed in the Busy Bee Learning Store.

Q: What do you like best about being in the store?

Vince: I enjoy the responsibility of starting guests’ visits: welcoming them, answering their questions, and guiding their exploration of the museum.  I also like keeping the store clean and inviting for guests to take the learning and fun home.


Q: Do you have a favorite event or time of year at Kidspace?

Vince: One of my favorite times is coming up: Caterpillar Adoption Days. It is a lot of fun. Getting to share the life cycle of a butterfly with really wide audience. It is great seeing kids leave with something they can care for and learn from.


Q: Do you have any favorite products that we sell in the Busy Bee Learning Store?


Vince: The gyroscopes and tornado tubes, kids really get a kick out of them, and with the gyroscope it is cool when they learn tricks and bring them back to show me what they can do.

Q: When you are out of the store, what exhibits do you enjoy sharing with guests?

Vince: Well, it doesn’t happen too often and I feel like a rookie educator again. But I really like being in the Galvin Physics Forest. I also enjoy teaching art workshops during our spring and summer camps.

Q: Do you have a favorite Galvin Physics Forest exhibit?

Vince: I really like the Pendulum and Air Cannon. The Pendulum can be very therapeutic; it is calming and makes you slow down to get it working just right. The Air Cannon also takes a special touch to make it work well. The secret is holding onto the top to keep it from wobbling, the stability helps the vortex go further.

Q: What do you do when you’re not at Kidspace?

Vince: I am almost finished with my Bachelors in Fine Art, only one class left. I have also helped my brother and sister-in-law with their business teaching kids art lessons; I helped train the staff and market the classes.

Q: So family is pretty important to you?

Vince: Yeah it is and I feel glad to have my nephew David working at Kidspace too. He seems to be doing a great job in the few months he’s been here and really enjoys teaching the kids.

Q: Are there any interesting facts about you?

Vince: Believe it or not, I have never done a Music Time at Kidspace.

April will mark Vince’s Fifth Anniversary with the Museum, which makes him the second longest tenured Educator.  Say hello to Vince the next time you visit Kidspace, most likely he’ll greet you with his warm smile when you stop by the Busy Bee Learning Store.


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Gerard Gonzales, Nature Exchange Specialist, began at Kidspace in 2009 and enjoys sharing nature with children and watching their sense of wonder blossom.