Friday 14th , 2014
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1601 If you are anywhere but Southern California or Arizona, you are in the dead of winter for the next couple of months  and even if  it warms up enough for you to see plants budding it doesn’t  mean you won’t experience a late season freeze.  Here at Kidspace as we emerge from Southern Califonia’s deathly cold winter temperatures of 50 degrees and head into spring, I am excited to see the early blooms of native and imported flora around town.  No better place to see early spring transformation is at the L.A. Arboretum.  Kidspace Children's Museum has a unique relationship to the Arboretum and annually we join forces along with some other notable outdoor education programs and public services to bring the joy of engaging with nature at the 35th Annual Los Angeles Environmental Education Fair, also known as LAEEF, pronounced “leaf”. It will take place Saturday March 8th 9am-3pm at the L.A. Arboretum.

1602 This event is a wonderful opportunity for educators, families and elementary classrooms  to interact with nature-minded educators, outdoor activists, animal handlers, and public servants.  The organization Tree People will be hosting a teachers workshop about environmental service learning, while families and schools alike are welcome to join other workshops including Smart Gardening and composting. Booths will be decked out with hands-on activities for all ages. Kidspace will be building with repurposed materials utilizing ideas from our newest exhibit the Imagination Workshop. Participants will be challenged to think creatively about the materials they are given, engage with others, plan, problem solve and make some great communal sculptures. Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots will be conducting video interviews of kids and Tree People are presenting TreeMapLA, a project that is striving to identify and map every tree in Los Angeles.   Throughout the day you can take part in a Drum Circle with yours truly, go on a walking tour of the various Arboretum gardens and get up close and personal with some live animals.  So bring a picnic or get some great food on–site and join us as we celebrate nature. 

1603 If you are a classroom teacher come out and join in our raffle for some great prizes including a free field trip to Kidspace Children's Museum for up to 30 students! We are excited about nature and want to spread the joy of being outdoors with you.  Remember after you visit us at the Arboretum the fun continues at Kidspace daily in our interactive Gardens, Nature Exchange,  other world class exhibits. For more info on the March 8 event: |


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Alan Bruni, Education Specialist, has been with Kidspace since 2008. Born in Germany raised in Colorado, Alan has a strong calling to the outdoors with interests in backpacking, camping, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Also, with a great passion for music, he studies and performs multiple genres as a singer and percussionist. Credentials include BFA in Sculpture, MA in Aesthetic Education, as well as Teaching Credentials from the University of Denver.