Monday 10th , 2014
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With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, there is no better time to get crafty with the kids. This is an opportunity for your child to express their affection for the ones near and dear to them with a homemade sentiment or craft.  After all, there is nothing better than getting a little something made from the little cutie in your life.  They make for great keepsakes and you, along with Grandma and Grandpa, are sure to treasure it.  Not only that but it is an opportunity for a little extra bonding time between you and your child, to connect, create and express how near and dear they are to your very own heart. 

The crafts that my daughter Alyssa and I experimented with this weekend, that are 2 year old tested and mother approved are detailed below for your crafting and tasting pleasure.

Egg Carton Heart: What parent doesn’t love an activity that allows your child to be creative while also repurposing materials that would otherwise be thrown away?  For this simplistic craft just cut out the bottoms of an egg carton, paint with red tempera paint, arrange and glue.


Love Potion: The perfect activity for incorporating a little science play is making your very own love potion concoction.  This is sure to be a hit, though you may want to move this activity outdoors as it could get messy. Many of the ingredients needed are likely to already be in your pantry …. baking soda, vinegar, food color, and food flavoring, are all you need to let the fizzy, overflowing fun begin.

Tissue Paper Lanterns:  For this beautifully translucent craft activity, gather up some tissue paper, pipe cleaners, and glue.  You’ll need an empty jar that will serve as the canvas by which to paint on your tissue creations.  You can stop there or add a handle by utilizing pipe cleaners.  Given glass is part of this craft you’ll want to make sure your child is monitored during this process.  My daughter is quite proud to gaze at her glowing lantern which serves as the centerpiece at the dinner table.


Homemade Valentine’s Mailbox:  Creating and collecting cards is one of the highlights of a child’s Valentine’s Day experience so why not create their very own mailbox.  It is also a good opportunity for you to express your sentiments to your child with a handwritten note for an unexpected mail delivery leading up to Valentine’s Day.  You may even receive one or two yourself.



Valentine’s Day Cake:   After all this crafting and science fun, all parties have earned themselves a sweet treat, in the shape of a heart no less!


Have a Great Time Crafting and Taste Testing and also a Wonderful Valentine's Day!





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