Thursday 6th , 2014
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Did you know that we are celebrating Kidspace’s 35th Anniversary this year? How cool is that? Kidspace has been enriching children’s lives and bringing fun learning experiences to families in Southern California and visitors from around the world for 35 years! It seems only fitting that we make every event this year all the more epic. Just this weekend we celebrated Chinese New Year with a BANG, literally, we had noise makers and a gong as we danced around the museum disguised as good fortune Chinese dragons!

1580 However, the best is yet to come this spring! We will soon be kicking off our 2014 Butterfly Season with our 2-day Bug Fair event March 22 & 23 - including bug themed workshops, the start of Caterpillar Adoption Days, and butterfly lifecycle shows.  Butterfly Season lasts through May 4 culminating in our 18th Grand Butterfly Release. These are all not-to-be-missed events that are fun for all ages so clearly we are a bit excited at Kidspace! If this will be your first Butterfly Season with us you may be wondering what does this all actually look like?

1581 Bug Fair: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have antennae? Or what cricket meal brownies taste like? Antennae are actually amazingly practical and bugs are said to be the future’s source of protein for the human diet! But don’t worry if you are squeamish there will be more than enough to do this weekend. Participate in a bug hunt around the Kidspace Gardens or sign up for a Wormy Composting Workshop! Come chat with bug specialists from around Los Angeles. They won’t get bugged by too many questions!

1582 Caterpillar Adoption Days: From March 22nd to May 4th Kidspace will be encouraging mini entomologists (insect scientists) to adopt caterpillars and watch from home one of the most fascinating and scientifically mysterious phenomena: butterfly metamorphosis. There will be bugs and butterflies all over Kidspace and information about the life cycles of butterflies and other bugs. Painted Lady Caterpillars will be sold in the Busy Bee Learning Store along with supplies any entomologist may need.

1583 Workshops: Every month each one of our Education Specialists will host a workshop in their area of expertise. These intimate classes are a great way to help your child discover new fascinations and think outside the box in a hands-on and focused 45 minute session. April, May and June have been given the theme of bugs.  Garden workshops include: making a butterfly garden, bug pooters and a bug hotel. Science workshops include: learning about battle bugs, webs of doom and jumping and flying. Nature Workshops include: exploring bug builders, bug friends and enemies and attractive bugs! LEARN MORE

1584 Grand Butterfly Release: Finally on May 3 & 4 your child can bring in their emerged butterfly to participate in the Annual Grand Butterfly Releases. We will release hundreds of butterflies from the Kidspace amphitheater along with your butterfly in a fabulous explosion of color. The butterflies won’t be the only colorful thing around Kidspace, be sure to make your own butterfly art and get up close and personal with the science behind what makes the colors of these beautiful insect wings. Families from all over L.A. and beyond bring family and friends to this yearly celebration!

The fun doesn’t stop there. If you are a Kidspace Member, be sure to come for the Member’s Only Preview of the Bug Fair and Butterfly Season on March 21. This is an occasion for you to get first dibs on the fun with less of a crowd – and be the first to adopt caterpillars. So come and bug out with us!


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Louise Leborgne, Nature Specialist, has been with Kidspace Children's Museum since 2012. She is in charge of caring for all of our live animals as well as managing the Nature Exchange, developing curriculum for daily educational programs, and large events like Bug Fair and the Grand Butterfly Release.