Friday 17th , 2014
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1554 Rhythm Child PerformsA year at the museum offers all sorts of big events such as our upcoming MLK Celebration on Jan. 20, our spring time Butterfly Season Mar. 22 - May 4, or the Annual Pumpkin Festival in October!  Events like these attract big crowds as we offer special guest performers and an array of art, cultural and science based activities, yet you might be wondering, "How can I get some more individual time with the knowledgeable staff at Kidspace?"  Regular daily activities offer some great interactions, but one of our hidden treasures is our monthly workshops. 

We offer up to four Kidspace Workshops every month designed by each of our Education Specialists.  The 2nd Sunday of each month, KCM offers art workshops by our resident Art 1555 Clay Mask WorkshopSpecialist, Mark Leasor,  who with years of experience in a variety of artistic expressions brings to life a fresh spin on aesthetics.  Our Nature Specialist, Louise Leborgne, brings the natural world to life every 3rd Saturday  of the month as she helps participants explore ecosystems, volcanoes, and arthropods just to name a few.  Our newest team member, Jenna Ervin, is our Science Specialist, teaches workshops based on simple machines, light, the physics of sports and many more.  Lastly I, Education and Outdoor Specialist, host our Garden Workshops every 4th Saturday of the month where we dissect flowers, hunt for bugs, discover the wonder of compost, learn about the uses of various plants and much more. Our interactive workshops are not for kids alone but also their caregivers.  We believe strongly that caregivers should be an integral part of children's experiences.  Some of the many benefits of KCM workshops include:

  • A safe place to bond with your child.
  • A chance to deepen both child and adult perspectives on a variety of subjects.
  • Offer bite size fun learning opportunities that are never cumbersome.
  • A chance to see what interests are developing in your child.
  • Offers a look into the cognitive, social, and physical development of your child.

1556 CPR WorkshopOn a side note, we also host Parenting Workshops.  Our Early Childhood Specialist, Amber Rhodes, searches for some of the finest guest speakers and experts on topics parents want and need to know about from how to best raise children, saving for college, CPR classes and many more. We sincerely hope you would join us for a future workshop or write us with suggestions for workshops you would like to see. For more info on planning your trip to Kidspace check out Hours & Admission, Event Listing, Educational Philosophy, FAQ's.

From all the specialists at Kidspace we wish you a wonderful new year full of discoveries.


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Alan Bruni, Outdoor Education Specialist, has been with Kidspace since 2008. Born in Germany raised in Colorado, Alan has a strong calling to the outdoors with interests in backpacking, camping, mountain biking, and snowboarding. Also, with a great passion for music, he studies and performs multiple genres as a singer and percussionist. Credentials include BFA in Sculpture, MA in Aesthetic Education, as well as Teaching Credentials from the University of Denver.