Wednesday 23rd , 2015
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Twas the week before Snow Days

And all through the air

Snowflakes were forming

In Pasadena as they dare


To fall on our forest

And our courtyard as well

With a twinkle and sparkle

It’s winter! Can’t you tell?


So let’s play in the snow

We don’t have to go far

We’ll bring mittens and boots

Just hop in the car


Make a snowflake or two

To take home with you

Make a wish for the year

And leave it just here



Weeble wabble your penguin

Which you made in the workshop

Explore arctic animals at the Nature Exchange

Snow Days fun doesn’t stop!


Catch “Snow In LA”

With a performance each day

There will be a penguin to greet

And cookie decorating, what a sweet treat!


So many snowy things to do

So many snowy things to see

Don’t miss out on Snow Days

Come snow play with me!


Join us for the 2015 Kidspace Snow Days – December 26-30!

Get event details HERE


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Julianne Sando, Events & Operations Floor Manager, has been with Kidspace since 2007 and in that time has helped implement unforgettable special events for thousands of children and families visiting Kidspace.  Prior to Kidspace, she worked as a camp counselor, after school program educator, soccer coach, and Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia.