Wednesday 14th , 2016
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What is it about snow that gets everyone so excited?  It could be the simple sounds of snow such as when it crunches under your boot.  Or the feeling of tranquility that sets in when looking out over a white blanket of snow covering the earth’s ground.  Some people look forward to winter sports and playing on their snow mobiles, skiing, snowboarding and simply taking the opportunity to play in snow. That’s the part I like the most! Finally, some experience a feeling of nostalgia with the holiday season among us. 


Isn’t it so very nice for us, in this modern day and age, we don’t have to fear snow anymore? During the Middle Ages and going back into ancient times, bad weather meant hard times.  Crops could be damaged.  A freezing environment would prevent work from getting done.  Winters were truly difficult, bitter, and the land would feel like solid concrete.  It wasn’t until recent history, maybe in the early 1700’s when skiing was invented, that snow became something to actually celebrate.  With the development of humanity, these days we can’t seem to get enough snow. We even make huge efforts to bring snow to areas that don’t get snow in a natural way. That’s now much we love snow now! 


Yes, with the proper attire, we find ourselves in a complete state of joy when building a snowman, making snow angels, sledding down hills of snow, and getting into snowball fights that could last for hours.  These days we look forward to the snow and drive for hours or fly to places where it snows if we live someplace that doesn’t get snow.  And this is why Kidspace is proud to offer Snow Days, December 26 – 30, with 5 days to play in and experience REAL SNOW right here in Pasadena.  Don’t let this winter season get passed you without experiencing the magic, science, and pure fun of snow play even if you can’t make it all the way to the mountains.  Break out your mittens and snow boots because it’s just about time for fun with snow at Kidspace! 


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Julianne Sando, Events Manager, has been with Kidspace since 2007 and in that time has helped implement unforgettable special events for thousands of children and families visiting Kidspace.  Prior to Kidspace, she worked as a camp counselor, after school program educator, soccer coach, and Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia.