Friday 9th , 2016
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Winnie the Pooh once said, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”  After nearly 5 years serving as the Education Manager at Kidspace, it is time for me to say goodbye. -And I am one lucky girl. 


I’ve met many of you directly through participation in our camp programs and our After School Club.   Others of you have met me indirectly through the educational programs you’ve come to Kidspace to experience, like our annual Grand Butterfly Release, Halloween Hunt, or Cultural Diversity Day events.  My tenure at Kidspace has involved the creation and oversight of our public educational programs- And it has been a wonderfully enriching experience serving our amazing Kidspace guests.

I have often boasted that I have the best job at the museum.  In addition to having the opportunity to see the light the educational programs my team and I create in the eyes of Kidspace children, I have had the honor of coming into the office each day and working alongside some of the most passionate and creative people I’ve ever known.  At Kidspace, we believe that children learn best through play- But the truth is, so do adults!  Working within the Education department of Kidspace means things like keeping a book full of memorable but perfectly legitimate staff quotes that would be entirely nonsensical in any other industry, seeing someone pass by your desk dressed as a half/chicken-half/lizard creature and having it be totally normal, finding random, quirky handmade gifts at your desk on a regular basis, and an overwhelming flow of interesting and inspiring conversations that leave you curious about the world each day.  And I am going to miss it all so much.


But perhaps the part of my job that I will miss the most is the oversight of our summer camp programs.  Within the past 5 years, we have grown from 4 weeks of summer camp to 7, and stretched our creative muscles to go from only offering basic camp themes such as physics and cooking, to offering wacky but wonderful themes such as Bug Band Camp and Nature Detectives Camp.  And what’s more, we have created a following of return campers, who we lovingly call our “Kidspace Kids.”  I have looked forward to seeing the returned faces of our campers and their parents each year, watching them grow, hearing them talk about things they learned 2 summers ago in our program, and being instrumental in planting seeds of wonder and curiosity.  Leading Kidspace camps took me back to my own camper days, and I honestly believe that the experiences I had back then directly contributed to my career path, and my dedication to hands-on children’s education.  Aren’t full-circles wonderful? 

So whether we ever met or not, it’s been a true joy to serve Kidspace and our guests these past 5 years.  This has been the “professional love of my life.”

Thanks for a great journey. 

Keep on playing, Kidspace family!